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The Undead are coming!

It is now possible to pre-order the first release of our next race - the Undead Skeleton Regiment! The regiment box is the same great value as the rest of our regiment boxes, which makes it a great way to get 20 fantastic looking skeletons, including a command group, armed with either spears or hand-weapons. Below is an early picture of the resin work in progress.


To celebrate the pre-order of the Skeletons we have created a special deal consisting of 3 Skeleton Regiments. A total of 60 skeletons for the same price as a warhost!

Click here to order yours.

The deal will close January
Please get your advance order in early!

Mantic Merry Christmas offer!

We wanted to celebrate our 1st christmas - so we thought about the best deal we could offer
We thought that had to be a complete Elven Army, including the long awaited heavy cavalry for pre-order.

The deal will contains:

  • King's Court
  • Dragon's Breath
  • 10 Stormwind Cavalry
  • 2 Elven Warhosts
  • Mantic Messenger Carry Bag
Giving you more than 120 models and the fantastic bag to transport them in! Click here to see all the Elven army offers.

To guarantee pre-Christmas delivery please place your order now.

Final shipping for Xmas

  • 16th December outside the UK
  • 18th December within the UK.
Bases are now available

You can now purchase separate sprues of 10 20mm bases in our online store. Click here to order them.
PayPal on UK orders!

It is now possible to pay with PayPal in our webstore. This is currently only available to do on UK orders but we are working intently on making it possible for all three currencies.

YouTube Video Blog

This week saw the release of our new video blog called "What's in the box?" You can watch it on the YouTube link below or watch it on the manticblog.

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