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Your exclusive Kings of War army list!

Without further ado, Mantic is proud to bring you the sixth army list for Kings of War: the Twilight Kin!

Download: Twilight Kin Army List (PDF, 2.5MB)

The Twilight Kin, along with the Goblin and the Kingdoms of Men bring Kings of War up to a total of eight races, and the new rulebook adds over 75 units, special characters and more to the game. All of the core rules will continue to be free download on the website, but we've also put together a full colour, 56 page rulebook, which is now up for pre-order!

A preview of the new Kings of War book will be shown in Monday's Blog.
This booklet is also available in the Mhorgoth Rising fantasy battle set and in all of our army sets and mega-army sets upon release, giving you a free fantasy battle game with your box of miniatures!
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Mega armies for mega miniatures

We revealed our Mega armies this week as part of our Kings of War mega-miniatures marathon.

The mega-armies pack all of the core troops into one box, supported by heroes and elite units such as the new Gore Riders and Revenant Knights.

Malak's Endless Hordes Mega Army - available on our website and in all good hobby stores

Mega-armies ship post free and will also include a new 2nd edition copy of the Kings of War rules, giving you a game, army lists, and a whole new army to paint in one package! Check out this video with Ronnie if you want to know more about them.

Painting an Orc army is easy with the new
Army Painter Greenskin Bundle

Painting armies like these have been made easy by using the Army Painter method, and we’ve also expanded our range to include new colour primers* and basing material. Stock on some items is limited, so if you want it you’d best be quick!

*Please note that we cannot ship colour primers outside of the UK

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Warpath Competitions are ending!

Monday 15th August is the deadline for all Name the Warpath Starter Set and Name the Warpath unit entries!

If you want to be in with a chance of winning either a set of resin Forge Father figures or the first ever starter set, you've got until Monday!

Bonus Mantic Points!

We're nearly half way through bonus Mantic Point month and we're quickly running out of the 50 point Goblin and Mawbeast and Orc Shaman figures.

Mantic Points are a great way of claiming some free miniatures, and all through August we're giving away bonus Mantic Points if you spend over:

£10/€13/$20 – 1 Extra Pt
£20/€28/$35 – 2 Extra Pts
£50/€65/$75 - 3 Extra Pts £100/€120/$175 - 5 Extra Pts


We just wanted to give a huge thank you to all of you who have volunteered either as a photographer, moderator, or demoer, and for all the offers of scenery. We're still sifting through the massive list we received and we will be touch - thanks again!


- Swiss World Expo 19-21st August
Mantic will be travelling to the World Expo in Switzerland next week with all the latest releases and previews including Forge Fathers, Twilight Kin and a sneak preview of the new Kings of War rules! We'll also have a load of cool deals, so make sure you check them out!

- Evesham 20th August - Mantic are at Total Wargamer with the Kings of War game and much much more!

For more information, check out our Events section here.

Mantic Games is one of the fastest growing businesses in the country. We are a young company working in the hobby industry with ambitious plans to become the biggest and best miniatures manufacturer.

We are looking to develop our sales force and are seeking a Head of European Sales and a Trade Sales Executive, to be based in Nottingham.

This company is experiencing extremely rapid growth and needs skilled and talented sales people to help develop and support it. If this dynamic and exciting atmosphere sounds like the challenge you are seeking then get in touch - please find our careers section here.
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