Giant Robot Gift Guide Part 2

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Dehara - Jizo

Yukinori Dehara - Jizo $80

Hand casted and painted by the Japanese artist for his 2010 show at GR2, these mutant "stone angels" pay tribute to statues in parks and on street corners that become makeshift shrines for deceased and unborn children. Soulful, sad, awesome.
Also by Dehara.

GR Throwing Stars Hoody

GR Throwing Stars Hoody $36

This super-soft, extra-sturdy black hoody has an assortment of white throwing stars across its chest and on each cuff. Tastefully nerdy and cool, there's also a brown and yellow colorway for forest missions.

Christopher Doyle - Buenos Aires

Christopher Doyle - Buenos Aires $105

The hard-to-find hardcover book by award-winning cinematographer Christopher Doyle features behind-the-scenes photography from the set of Wong Kar-Wai's masterpiece, Happy Together. It's jam-packed with glowing images of Leslie Cheung, Tony Leung, and Chang Chen, as well as shockingly candid anecdotes by Doyle himself.

GR La Davhara T-shirt

La Davhara T-shirt $19

This three-headed design was made by DIY toy/art icons Le Merde, David Horvath, and Yukinori Dehara in celebration of the Giant Robot Biennale 2 group art show, which in turn celebrated GR magazine's fifteenth anniversary. Comes in toy nerd white or rock 'n' roll black.

Kireizukin Dust Mitt

Kireizukin Dust Mitt $16


Cleaning is never fun but it's definitely less tedious when you use this racoon-themed dust mitt. No matter how nasty the bottom becomes, the top will always be cute. Suitable for righties and lefties and comes in blue, brown, or red.

Yummy You Scarf

Yummy You Scarf  $56


The hand-knit, food-themed creations of Twinkie Chan are finally available to the masses. The 72-inch scarves patterned after her ultra crafty originals come in crowd-pleasing, neck-warming themes such as cookies (above),  cupcakes, buttered toast, and sushi. 

Snoopy Plush House

Snoopy Plush House $20

Snoopy goods from Japan are more than a couple cuts above what you'll find at Hallmark, and this medium-sized plush is no exception. Flip the switch and the entire piece vibrates to simulate takeoff of the Sopwith Camel.

More Snoopy goods from Japan.

Sunsets DVD

Sunsets DVD $19

Every true GR fan should own this DVD, which came out earlier this year to shockingly little fanfare. Publisher Eric Nakamura co-directed the black-and-white indie flick with his cousin Michael Aki in 1997, and their commentary track is worth the price itself. 

Also check out the cool indie jazz OST by Ken Kawamura.

Marusan Mini Collection

Marusan Mini Collection $8


This blind-box collection includes old-school kaiju heroes, creatures, and vehicles in two colorways. Although any child can enjoy them, true otaku will marvel at the meticulous craftsmanship, paint job, and weirdness. Will you get Booska?

And don't forget Ultraman!

Margaret Kilgallen - In the Sweet Bye & Bye

 Margaret Kilgallen - In the Sweet Bye & Bye $40

San Francisco artist Margaret Kilgallen miraculously channeled the skill of vintage handmade signage, spirit of hobo graffiti, and warmth of craft in her paintings and sculptures. This lovingly assembled and difficult-to-find hardcover monograph captures the entire span of her work and conveys her personality through rare interviews.  

Money Mark Flexi

Money Mark Flexi $3


Way back when we featured Money Mark in GR15 (neither his first nor last appearance), he stopped by the office with some keyboards for an informal session. A few of the jams are captured on this two-sided disc, which is a real score for fans of Mark, The Beastie Boys, Giant Robot, and serious grooves.

Bossy Bear 4" Figure

Bossy Bear 4" Figure $18

The star of Uglydolls co-creator David Horvath's children's book has been transformed into a vinyl figure that comes in multiple colors and eye positions. While the publication seems to have differing effects on kids (does it promote or discourage bossiness?) this handsome toy is universally loved. 

More Bossy.

Build-your-own Music Box

Build-your-own Music Box $22

This kit provides not only a mechanism for you to build a custom music box but blank sheets for you to punch out your own music. Program it to play anything you want in that plinky-plunk style. Black Flag? Bad Brains? Slayer? Crank it as far as it can go.

GR China Bag T-shirt

Giant Robot Chinatown Bag T-shirt) $19

Anyone who's been to China, Hong Kong, Southeast Asia, or Chinatowns anywhere will instantly recognize the plastic plaid material that is used to make bags, tarps, and random coverings. This design celebrates the sturdy, ubiquitous pattern on gray or black T-shirts.

Lomogrophay Holga Flash Camera

Lomography Holga Flash Camera $85

While digital photography is becoming more accurate and affordable by the day, the Holga celebrates the margin of error provided by shooting with film. With soft focus, saturated colors, and the element of the unknown, this plastic medium-format camera brings back both the mystery and the fun.

Other cameras by Lomo.

Giant Robot Old English Mesh Hat
Giant Robot Old English Mesh Cap $13

This classic cap is simple and cool, with a metal-tinged logo in front and plastic-feeling mesh in back. It provides shade and goes with anything--including mullets and flannel shirts.

There's also a black and gold design.
GRSF Print Show
GRSF Print Show $Varies

The current group show at GRSF has a load of unique, affordable, one-size-fits-all prints for sale. In addition to the nice piece by Dan Styles pictured above, there are cool contributions from Albert Reyes,  Le Merde, Little Friends of Printmaking, Apak, and many other names you'll recognize or want to look up.

Giant Robot Gift Certificate
Giant Robot Gift Certificate $Varies


From 20 to 200 bucks, this makes a great emergency gift that can be emailed at the last minute to friends or family members who are impossible to shop for.

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