GR Time 5.20.11 | View it in your browser | Art: Jeni Yang

Synthesis art exhibition
Jeni Yang and Jesse Fillingham
May 14 - June 8

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Ryan McGinness
Sketchbook Selections: 2000-2011
BBQ, Lecture, and Book Signing
Friday, May 27th, 7-10 pm

GR2 is proud to host a BBQ, lecture and book signing with Ryan McGinness in support of Sketchbook Selections: 2000-2011, his new publication from Gingko Press. This BBQ is part of McGinness’ month-long, multi-venue incursion in Los Angeles this spring. There is no guest list or ticketing required, but signing will be limited to the new book and other McGinness items purchased at GR2. Click for a full schedule of McGinness’ LA projects.




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