Helping your horse get better...

Finding Opportunities

Joe looks for any chance he can find to help his horse get better. Often these opportunities come along while he's checking cattle as part of his daily work.

In the August issue of Western Horseman Joe explains how he helps the horse realize that the cow is part of what Joe is doing.

"The horse gains confidence from me helping him deal with the cow," Joe says.

Finding these opportunities and helping the horse in this way can make cow work as much fun for the horse as it is for the rider.

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Confident on a Cow
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Confident on a Cow 
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Summer Thoughts

  The past few months have been busy for Jimmie and I, with so much to do on our new summer place outside of Ballantine, Montana. But even with all the work, we sure are enjoying getting to know this part of the country and making new friends up here.

  We're looking forward to our first home clinic here at "Wolter Camp" in a couple of weeks, and to clinics coming up soon in Washington and Colorado.

  We've had a great summer so far, but our hearts go out to all of those who lost so much in the Colorado forest fires, and to the ranchers now fighting range fires in southeast Oregon. We sure hope everyone stays safe and that things get better for these folks real soon.

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