A New Year's Resolution...
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Make Some Mistakes in 2017
What if you and your horse had more freedom to make mistakes?
Not that you’d be expecting things to go wrong, you'd just have more compassion and understanding when they did. While it might seem a little risky and even counterintuitive, giving yourself permission to make mistakes can actually allow more learning and more progress to take place.

Here's three things Joe suggests keeping in mind in the New Year:

1) Don’t sweat it: "Once I gave up worrying about what was right and what was wrong, I was able to start experimenting and I realized the horse isn’t as fragile as we want to believe. Horses are pretty resilient actually. You can mess up. You can start heading down the wrong road and when you recognize your mistake you can change course. The horse will forgive you. That was a huge thing for me to come to understand and it only happened when I quit worrying about my mistakes.”
2) Let it go: "When someone would make a bad head shot (usually me), Bill Dorrance would always say, ‘It’s a good thing you got rid of that so it won’t come back later.’  It was funny, but it was true. We all make mistakes, but the real mistake is holding on to it. So let’s get those mistakes out of the way and get on with it.”
3) Look for the lesson: “I had a friend who would see me struggle and say, ‘Don't worry about it.’ That was a long time ago, but it really helped me a lot over the years.  Worry keeps you from learning and from being able to help your horse. It was a big change for me to stop being so hard on myself and instead start looking for the lesson in what had happened."
“To be open to learning, you have to be open to making mistakes,” Joe says, “So maybe that’s a good New Year’s resolution; cut yourself and your horses some slack in 2017.”

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