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Ray Hunt at Red Bluff
A Matter of Perception
In this new clip Joe shares a funny bit of insight about how differently two people can perceive the same event.
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Pet Your Horse
Let it mean something to both of you
A lot of times it seems people pet on a horse to make themselves, not the horse, feel better. For it to mean something to the horse I think you have to do it when the horse can benefit from it too.

You notice in the colt class, or really any time a horse gets a little troubled, I’ll tell people to reach down and rub on them. I used to think the horse was responding to the human touch. I still think that’s part of it, but I also think when the rider bends over to pet the horse they get more in time with the horse. So I’m not sure if it’s the petting as much as the body position the horse is responding to.

But you don’t want to be rubbing on them constantly. That will make them dull to it and kill some of the feel. You want to do it when the horse can appreciate it - when it will mean something to him and be of value to both of you.
- JW
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