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A Lesson From Bill Dorrance
Using Your Legs
Recently, as a presenter at the 2015 A Legacy of Legends Gathering, Joe shared stories and lessons learned from his years with Ray Hunt and the Dorrance Brothers. In this new video clip he talks about Bill Dorrance helping him understand how much his legs could mean to the horse and how to this day he continues to experiment and build on that important lesson.
(Click photo to watch this insightful little clip)
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Thoughts on Handling Foals and Weanlings
It's that time of year...
     "Whenever I handle a foal I think of what a friend once told me about something he tried working with a bunch of weanlings for the first time. Instead of taking hold of them and getting into a contest of wills, he decided to pretend he was an old man and didn’t have much strength and couldn’t use much force. He said he experimented with that and found the colts came around a lot faster without it being a struggle. He also said their attitudes seemed much better, because his attitude was so different and those colts wanted to be with him because of it.” JW
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