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January/February 2014

In his latest video clip Joe talks about how changing your approach can change the outcome for you and your horse.

Upcoming Clinics

With so many requests for clinics this year we'll be going to lots of new places and plenty of familiar spots as well. We're sure looking forward to seeing old friends and meeting new ones along the way.

31 - Feb 3   Aspermont Texas
Home Ranch Clinic
7 & 8   Dillon, Montana  Horsemanship, Cow Working
21 - 23   Manuel, Texas Horsemanship, Cow Working
28 - Mar 2   Englewood, Florida
Colt Starting, Horsemanship
20 - 22    Williamstown, Kentucky
Colt Starting, Horsemanship, Cow Working
28 - 31    Aspermont Texas
Home Ranch Clinic
4 - 6   Townsend, Tennessee
Colt Starting, Horsemanship
11 - 13   Alpine, Texas 
Ranch Roping
25 - 27   San Diego, California  Horsemanship
For more dates & details click:
2014 Schedule

Exposing your horse to new things keeps him interested, but I find short, frequent sessions work better than one long session. Take a break and then expose him a little more.

Mix it up and notice the subtle changes. Remember and compare one time to the next. When it becomes less interesting to the horse, add something else to make it a little more challenging. Don’t just drill him; keep him curious and wanting to learn.
- JW

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