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Curt sharing with Rick, one of the homeowner's we're helping


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We are all set up to begin scheduling and hosting overnight teams!  We were able to secure a 5000 sq. ft. storefront property where we will house and feed volunteers.  We will set up a make shift kitchen and have room to house at least 30 vols at the store and will use the church as an overflow.  ACTS Crisis Relief is going to be serving alongside of us as we serve with Calvary Chapel of Jacksonville, NC.  They will be bringing their shower trailer which will be delivered later this week.

There is also secure space behind the building where we'll be able to park, connect, and live in our 5th wheel home, our bunk house for use as needs arise, keep our tool trailer safe at night, set up the shower trailer, and park all of our relief vehicles safely!  God is sooooo good!!

I've been busy doing assessments in a couple of neighborhoods and haven't even seen others!  We've got plenty of work lined up already and I'm sure more to come.

One of the homes we came across belongs to a younger widow with an eleven-year-old daughter.  Her husband unexpectedly died ten months ago. Their home had a rising water flood but since they do not live in a flood zone, they didn't have that type of insurance and they are not covered with either of the two policies they do have.  We're praying we'll be able to serve at their house soon and be able to help her with the reconstruction as well.

Initially we'll be clearing out flooded homes, doing flood and mold remediation, cutting up trees, roof tarping, and all phases of reconstruction.  Teams will also help Mary Jo assist in camp cleanup and meal prep as needed.

If you're interested in joining us, please click here to learn more, 99% of all of your questions will be answered here so please do this first.  Then, contact us as soon as you can.  We know many of you have been contacting us and have been very patient as we set all of this up so now's the time!  We welcome individuals, families, and/or groups, for long or short term deployments.  We're looking forward to serving Jesus by serving those in the Jacksonville area.

As you know we covet your prayers and can't exist without The LORD and His provisions.  If you wish to help with Calvary Relief's expenses please click the link below.

LORD Bless,
Pastor Curt & Mary Jo Hencye
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