Hurricane Harvey-2
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This is still the scene in a lot of areas in TX

We're headed to Baytown!  We've connected with a local church, prayed, discussed, and determined that The LORD wants us to join up to serve their community alongside of them!  Pastor George has asked us to handle the relief/recovery for them and we will do so as part of their church, which if you know us, is how we feel that disaster relief should be done!

Baytown had over 45" of rain as of yesterday and it was still raining!  The church had a little water but it quickly went away and was due to a landscape issue. God is good!  Many in the congregation did however get flooded, and some homes are completely under water.  The water isn't expected to recede for a couple of weeks once the rains stop!  I participated in the TX VOAD conference call and there's quite a mess out in a lot of areas, and many, many, many folks are homeless or simply can't get to their homes.

One immediate need is for one of the families who attend their church.  He is a police officer and she is pregnant, and they had to evacuate their home.  It will be one of the first that we work on.  Currently they are living with the pastor and his family in a small home and they both have a lot of kids!!  We need to get them a travel trailer.  If it isn't big enough for the whole family, then at least we can set it up in the driveway to give them some breathing room.  Loan or purchase, we need it ASAP so if you can't do it, then help spread the word!

We'll be serving in the area long-term.  Mary Jo and I will become residents in the area, building relationships with the community as we walk out real life among them, help them rebuild, and share the love of Jesus!

We've got a lot of logistics to get set up before we'll be ready to bring in volunteer teams and individuals, but rest assured we'll have the work, sleeping, showering and eating set up soon.  At this point, the area still has electricity, gas, food, etc available to them, but the roads are closed getting there.  We're praying that the roads are opened soon so we can get in and they can get more supplies to live on!

Once we figure out more of what is needed (before anyone just starts showing up or sending material things), we'll let you know.  I know you keep hearing this, but cash is best.  If you're getting this email then hopefully you know that we use the monies that come in to directly help those in need!  It always amazes us how much The LORD does with the little we have to offer!  God is good, all the time, in spite of you and me!!

If you're interested in coming out to help, we'll be scheduling teams soon, so let us know your wishes (remember a wish is just a wish!).  Please be patient.  Tons of people are already stranded trying to get into areas that are shut off, and they will continue to pour into the area for the next month or so and then help will start to dwindle off.  We'll still be there, LORD willing, until way after that and will still need your prayers, labor, and donations well into the next year or so!  Also, please don't contact the church for more info.  They are EXHAUSTED and have many things to do with their lives outside of disaster relief and like everyone else, they need to do what God has called them to do as we do what God has called us to do!.

Also, we love the discipleship aspect of what we do.  Yes, we'll work hard, but getting into The Word together everyday is are largest priority.  We've served with some different men's mission houses in past years and loved it.  So if you or someone you know is interested in staying for a while to help and also be discipled, let us know and we'll see what we can work out.

We also love it when families serve The LORD together, so we have no age limits. Feel free to contact us about planning a family trip!  We just want to have fun being Jesus' hands and feet to those affected by disaster!

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LORD Bless, 
Pastor Curt & Mary Jo
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