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There's so much going on in the world today that it can really make your head spin.  Things seem to be changing from moment to moment.  But there's one thing that is constant, and that is The LORD God Almighty!  He has been and will always be in control of everything!  It may be difficult at times to trust Him, but He has made many promises to us in His Word that we can count on.  If you just do a simple recount of how He has been there for you and taken care of you in the past, you'll quickly remind yourself of the love that The LORD has for you unlike any other. When we simply trust and obey Him, we will find that He is always working in our lives and using our circumstances to make us and mold us more into the image of His Son.  I know it isn't easy, but heaven is just around the corner, so hold on to Jesus and continue to press on in what He's called you to do!

If you don't know the Jesus we know and how we know Him, I urge you to reach out to us with any questions you may have.  If there's anything we can do to help you have a relationship with the Creator of The Universe, just let us know!  He desires to have a relationship with each and everyone of us.  There is nothing that we've ever done that He isn't willing to forgive us for and He'll lovingly welcome you into the Family of God!  Please don't wait; none of us knows if we'll have tomorrow!

Things have changed a little where we're at in AR/OK, but mostly it has noting to do with what's going on in the world.  We're doing the best we can to be wise in uncertain times.  We filled up all the vehicles with fuel and our extra tank is full of gas, so we should be fine getting back and forth to work as long as they allow us to (we haven't had any issues getting gas).  We also purchased everything we need (as best we can determine and praying that there are no more issues!) to finish house number 1. With little to no storage space for extras, Mary Jo typically goes shopping a few times a week.  We're often feeding extra people - last week we had two guys staying with us, this week we have one, and then there's the occasional locals that we feed.  So far, Mary Jo has been able to get everything we need food-wise on her shopping trips, so we are just doing what we can and thanking to Lord for His provision. The one thing that hasn't been available is of course is toilet paper, but right before the world went crazy over it, we used a credit we had for Sam's to buy some. We don't often shop at Sam's because we just don't have the storage, but we needed to use the credit. We see this as a provision from the Lord that He would prompt us to buy something right before it became unavailable.

We are getting back on track at Leo and Edna's house, where we were held up for four months waiting on someone to drywall, texture, and paint their home!  The drywall job was terrible and not complete, and the drywaller refused to fix and finish the work and instead just textured and then painted.  When we got in to see what it looked like and realized what they had done, we contacted a local guy who was a semi-retired drywaller.  He came over and after shaking his head several times agreed to just fix a few major spots.  He planned to work on it while we went to the SECC Pastor's Conference (and a visit with our kids and grandkids!).  When we got back we discovered that he had redone about 2/3 of the home!  This was great as it looked so much better, but most of the home needed to be repainted, which we ended up finishing ourselves.  

Meanwhile, Leo had to go in for hernia surgery.  While doing the pre-op stuff the day before, doctors discovered fluid in his lungs so they admitted him and discovered a lump in is lung and a spot on his liver.  The biopsy on his lung came back as stage 4 cancer and they're still waiting on the liver report.  They have found a lot of different cancers in him.  Leo and Edna are in their mid-80's and say they're believers!  But they need our prayers.  Doctors want to do chemo but based on his age, bad health, and possible liver issues, it isn't looking good unless God intervenes.  

We have bumped up to working six days a week and longer hours to try to get them back into their home as soon as possible.  I contacted a local electrician I know who inspected our panel and meter can installs so we could get the power back on in the home.  His family had lived in Moffett when he was growing up so he had some roots there.  I explained to him what was going on with Leo and he talked to his boss. He and two helpers came out one day last week and trimmed out about 3/4 of the electric, so this was a great boost!  We've got the kitchen and bathroom cabinets and counter tops installed and just finished laying all the floors today!  We'll start the baseboard and continue finishing up the rest of the house tomorrow.  

Chris, the pastor here at CC Frontlines has been faithfully helping us for the past several months and several others from church have popped in and out helping.  We've also had Cristy, who had a heart to serve after the flood but couldn't find a hands-on outlet until she met us in the fall, driving from an hour away a couple times a week to help.  Today we had one of the neighbors come over and help and he wants to keep helping until we're done!  Good to serve with others, especially those that live in the area and to see all the progress!  It's really looking good!

While we were waiting on the drywallers, we started working on house #2, Ms Reba's.  She was in a bad wreck just before CHRISTmas and is still in a lot of pain, so keep her in your prayers as well.  As soon as we finish at Leo and Edna's, we have a few things to catch up on around the camp and we'll probably take a couple of days to catch our breath since I'm old, tired, and sore with all the extra work!  Then we'll be back at Ms Reba's.  We're just about finished with the framing and plumbing at her house and we're ready to start the electric rough-in and on and on!

We could still use more help if you feel like coming out!  We'd really like to get all of them back home as soon as we can!

Please continue to keep us in your prayers.  While we live in disaster-hit areas, we're away from home and family during this time, which makes it rough.  And when we're in a disaster area and can't get things, others can usually bring or ship them to us.  This doesn't seem like it will be the case with this virus stuff!  We're charting new territory for disaster relief!!  But we know God is good all the time and He has us exactly where He wants us!

We continue to press on and our expenses continue with or without the virus stuff, so if you feel led to support us, we'd certainly appreciate it.  

If there's anything that we can pray for you for, please don't hesitate to let us know!  Stay safe!

LORD Bless,
Curt & Mary Jo


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