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Moffett, OK drive through 7-21-19 after historic flooding

Rebuilding Homes In Moffett, OK

We're busy serving folks affected by the flooding from late May/early June in Moffett, Oklahoma.  Every structure in town was flooded, and all that we've been in had at least four feet of water inside!  The LORD has led us to help rebuild three homes as well as helping with a few smaller things on other homes.

None of the homeowners had insurance.  Those that asked their insurance agents were told it wasn't needed or found that it was too expensive.  This was the largest flood in recorded history and none of them thought this would ever happen.  They have all applied and received some FEMA funds and a few have also been able to secure another small grant that's going to be a little tricky to maneuver.  I met with the contractors who are associated with the grant and it seems as if they are willing to work with us to make that money stretch as much as possible.  Even with both FEMA funds and the grant monies, there will still be quite a deficit to cover all that was lost.

We started by removing the sub-floor in two of the houses, then installed a vapor barrier and sealed off the houses, and set up commercial drying equipment.  Once theses houses are dry, the equipment will be moved to the third house to dry it.  We also restored power to each home by installing new meter cans, wiring from the weather head to the can and then to the newly installed breaker panel, and then wiring some temporary outlets.  After inspections, the power company hooked them back up to the grid.  Once dried, the houses will have to be sprayed with an anti-microbial to remove all of the bacteria that causes mold to grow, and then they will need to dry again!

They will all need to have the necessary framing and foundation repairs made first.  Then we can begin on completely redoing the plumbing and electrical, install the sub-floors, insulation, drywall, new doors installed, painting, cabinets, flooring, then trim out the plumbing and electric, etc.

We've had four people come from out of town so far to help, one local person helps about three days a week, and two other locals who have each helped one day.  WE NEED WILLING SERVANTS. NO SKILLS NECESSARY!!  If you can come and serve alongside of us, please click here for more info on joining us.

Below are some pics and some info on the homeowners that we are helping.  Please continue to keep us in your prayers!

Leo & Edna

Leo and Edna are in their 80's and raised their five kids in this house.  Edna just had a health scare since we've been here but it seems that the prognosis is good!  Their home is in the worst shape of the three we're working on.  A lot of the floor trusses and foundation blocking needs to be replaced, along with some framing.  We're going to move a couple things around and add a second bathroom, something they've always wanted!  They are limited in how much they can do to help, but a good friend, Doug has come out several times to help us and promises to keep helping until they are moved back in.  They weren't able to move any of their belongings prior to the flood hitting so they lost everything.


Patricia is single and disabled from working.  She has raised three kids.  She has also raised some of her grandkids and had a couple of them living with her when the flood hit.  Because of a mix-up in some paperwork, FEMA only gave her about half of what the others got, but they say they're working on straightening it out.  She tries to stay active at her home and has been pretty upset about a lot of the run-around she's been getting.  Mary Jo has spent some time with her and we keep inviting her to church, but she hasn't come yet (but we're not giving up!).  She wants to help as much as she can and we're also moving a few things around in her house, like getting her laundry out of the kitchen!

Miss Reba

Miss Reba is a widow of many years and is in her mid-80's.  The way she talks about her husband you'd think it was only yesterday that he was with her, and you can certainly tell that she still loves and misses him.  She has lived in her home for over fifty-two years!  She's working at her home everyday, wanting to be involved in rebuilding her home.  We were able to get her a travel trailer to live in on her property while we rebuild her home from one of our ministry partners, God's Pit Crew, who is also helping rebuild the school.  Her house is a two-story, which presents a few unique issuesl.  She has two sons who don't live too far away that can help us here and there.
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