Press release - Nordic Craft Pavilion, Grand Palais 2015
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“Game of Whispers” at Revelations Grand Palais 2015

The biannual craft fair, Revelations – Fine Craft and Creation Fair, will be held for the second time at Grand Palais in Paris, 9-13 of September 2015. The first edition in 2013 was a great success with 267 exhibitors and over 33 000 visitors. The Nordic Network of Crafts Association will collaborate and create a Nordic Craft Pavilion at the fair in 2015. The network has commissioned Marianne Zamecznik as curator for the Nordic Craft Pavilion.

Zamecznik has developed a curatorial process of selecting works based on the game of whispers. magic language///game of whispers is a method for making an exhibition on contemporary craft across the Nordic region, involving five curators selected by the national institutions; Danske Kunsthåndverkere (DK), Konsthantverkscentrum (SE), ORNAMO (FI), Handverk & Hönnun (IS), and Norwegian Crafts (NO).
-magic language///game of whispers not only to draws upon a forgotten way of creating new meaning, but is also a way to engage five curators-institutions-countries in the process of exhibition-making. The game of whispers becomes itself a tool to generate texts, images, reflection, dialogue and engagement. Instead of having one curator travelling from place to place to select works – the objects themselves travel and “select” their counterparts with the help of the curator-as-translator, says Zamecznik about her curatorial method.

The co-curators who will respond to Zamecznik's introductory statementare: Kathrine Borup (DK), Katarina Siltavuori (FI), Agnieszka Knap (SE) and Anna Leoniak (IS).

The last few years Zamecznik has explored new modes of curating and exhibiting contemporary crafts. At Revelations in 2013 she created a spectacular exhibition design for the Norwegian Crafts exhibition Revealing Thoughts.
The five crafts associations are formally organised in the Nordic Network of Crafts Associations (NNCA). This project is an important step in the networks effort to strengthen the position of Nordic contemporary crafts in the international art market. To be present at one of the most important arenas for craft is a great opportunity for the network to bring Nordic contemporary crafts to international collectors, galleries, curators, and the general public.
The Nordic Craft Pavilion is funded by Nordic Culture Point and Nordic Culture Fund, and the craft associations have close collaboration with the Nordic Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Nordic embassies and institutes in Paris.
Hege Henriksen, Project Manager Nordic Craft Pavilion (+47) 415 55 915

Revelations 2015

Grand Palais, Paris,  9–13 September 2015

The biannual fair Revelations - Fine Craft and Creation Fair is an ambitious project organized Ateliers d`Art Ateliers de France (AAF). The aim is to establish the event as a significant venue within the international and French crafts scene. The exhibitor categories are numerous: craftsmen, workshops, galleries, trade unions, private and public institutions, professional journals.

Facts about the Revelations 2013:
  • 33 794 visitors over 5 days
  • 253 exhibitors from 8 countries
  • 1 220 attendees to 5 conferences and 16 films
  • 600 students
  • 37 media and other partners
  • 352 articles in French and international press, both general and specialist
  • 410 journalists present

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Curator: Marianne Zamecznik

Zamecznik curated the exhibition Revealing Thoughts for Norwegian Crafts at Revelations 2013, an exhibition that received a lot of attention due to the intriguing exhibition design. Zamecznik is currently a recident at Citè des arts in Paris.  She was part of the curator team for the Norwegian biennial Momentum. In 2013 she was responsible for the exhibition architecture for the exhibition La Fin de La Nuit at Palais de Tokyo.


Nordic Network of Craft Associations - NNCA

The network was founded on Bornholm 2010 with the aim is to strengthen the organisations in their work to develop the crafts scene nationally and internationally.

The member organisations are:

Danske Kunsthåndværkere (DK)
Konsthantverkscentrum (SE)
Handverk & Hönnun (IS)
Norwegian Crafts (NO)

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