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Comic Relief Funding

People living in deprived areas, or who face a range of social issues, often get vital support from smaller organisations based within their communities. It's these locally-based groups that truly understand the needs of the people they serve and make a huge difference to their lives.

Sadly though, recent research shows that small and medium sized organisations across the UK are being hit particularly hard by the current economic climate, forcing many to either scale back their work or dissolve completely. These voluntary organisations urgently need core funding to continue their crucial work.

Comic Relief have recognised the importance of local community organisations and the pivotal role they play across the UK. That's why, for the first time ever, they've developed this exciting programme to solely fund organisational costs (rather than financing the delivery of a specific project).

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Breast, Cervical & Bowel Screening Awareness
Welcome to WRDA's New Training and Development Outreach Worker

Emma Gray works as Training and Development Outreach Worker, delivering the Breast, Cervical and Bowel Screening Awareness sessions to groups with additional support needs. Emma previously worked in the Education, Training and Employment Project at Shankill Women’s Centre and prior to this delivered a range of accredited training and personal development to young people throughout Northern Ireland.

Emma completed her degree at the University of Ulster in Sociology with Criminology in 2009 and the Community Facilitators Programme at WRDA in 2014 and since then has went on to develop teacher training skills at the University of Ulster’s Transitional Justice Institute, in 2015 becoming a TJI Grassroots Facilitator.

If you wish to contact Emma regarding delivery of the BCB Programme to groups with additional needs please mail
Abortion Drone Pro-Choice Protest

On Tuesday the 21st of June, WRDA joined a group of pro-choice activists in Belfast to partake in a protest outside the Royal Courts of Justice.

Prior to the protest, pro-choice activists delivered abortion pills to  Northern Ireland using a drone. The stunt was an act of solidarity, aimed to highlight the strict laws around terminations that exist on both sides of the Irish border.

Courtney Robinson, from Belfast, who took the pills, said to the Guardian

"The reason we are doing this is to highlight that these pills are available to women who are not able to travel outside of Northern Ireland for an abortion. I have no concerns. I know the pills are safe.

"As long as politicians in Stormont and the Dail continue to ignore human rights we will continue our campaign."

The event was organised by a collaboration of pro-choice groups, Alliance for Choice; Rosa; Labour Alternative and Women On Waves, which staged a similar flight from Germany to Poland.


Brexit Results

On Thursday the 23rd of June, the UK voted majority in favor of leaving the EU. The first thing to stress is that the UK will not leave immediately. The UK is still a member of the EU and will probably remain so for several years.

The graph shows the results by country:

EU referendum: What will leave vote mean for Northern Ireland?
NI Women Want the Same Safety Laws as the UK
Northern Ireland does not have stalking or coercive control laws  which are both crimes of intimidation caused through fear. 

Stalking is a crime that few speak up about because they are living in terror and avoid provoking their perpetrator. One of our members has been courageous enough to do so and has started a petition to implement the same safety laws as the UK.

Sarah Conor's story highlights the gaps in our legal system which allow women to be subject to this crime. Sarah has started her petition on and is continuing to campaign and lobby around these issues. Check out her story here.
Members Area
WRDA offer member organisations a wide range of benefits one being the opportunity to publicise your work/events in our fortnightly E-Zines.
EPALE - open membership community for adult learning across Europe
EPALE is designed as the go-to site for anyone involved with adult learning from any sector. Funded by the EU under Erasmus+ the site was launched in April 2015 and has been steadily growing ever since - there are now over 10, 000 registered users. Registration is FREE and very straightforward and allows you to actively engage with the site - comment on blogs, participate in forum discussions, submit articles, download resources and search for partners. 

Northern Ireland organisations have developed some fantastic practice and this site is a chance to share that with the adult learning community across Europe.


Musical Belles & Inspirational Women's Event, 30th June 2016
Department for Communities Stakeholder Engagement Event, 30th June 2016
DAERA Departmental Monitoring Group, 6th July 2016
UPR engagement with NIHRC, 27th July 2016

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Core Strength - Comic Relief Funding. Deadline: 27th July 2016
Publications Grant Scheme. Deadline: 28th November 2016
Cultural Diversity Grant. Deadline: 28th November 2016

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