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Announcing FusionAuth 1.30
In this release, the team added a new suite of features under an Advanced Threat Detection banner! This new feature set brings best-practice functionality around suspicious, possibly malicious behavior during logins, registrations, user creation, and user updates. It also adds the ability to rate limit important API endpoints (no WAF needed), enable CAPTCHA, and utilize location aware security. Other additions include more webhook events and a JWT Vending Machine– an API that allows a JWT to be created without a corresponding user.
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Tucan uses FusionAuth with CockroachDB
Michael Schramm is a FusionAuth community member and CTO of He chatted with us over email about how he and his team are running FusionAuth on Kubernetes with CockroachDB as the backend datastore.
Learn more about Tucan's deployment

When to self-host critical application components
Deciding between a SaaS or self-hosted version of an application may seem like a daunting choice for any company. However, with a bit of planning, cost modeling, and legal analysis, you can consider all of the factors important to your organization and make the choice that will allow you to deploy quickly, scale seamlessly, and operate within your expected budget. This blog post will walk through some of the different factors to consider.
Learn about the benefits of self-hosting

Avoiding Authentication System Lock-in

Years ago your team decided to use a third-party authentication system to avoid the time and cost of building one in-house. But now a better option has hit the market and you're wanting to make the switch. Except, hold on, your old system is so deeply ingrained into your organization that you're practically locked-in to your current vendor.

Learn how to mitigate the risk of vendor lock-in

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