Hillsfest is an ambitious arts focussed event designed to put Hillsborough on the map for something entirely positive but...


It is important that the festival is free for visitors but it is also important that artists get paid for what they do!

So, we want to...CROWDFUND to raise money.

What is crowdfunding and how does it work? 

  • Very simply it is when many people, rather than a few,  invest in or fund a project.

Isn't that just charitable giving?

  • No, because each donor or investor gets a 'reward' for their financial contribution

For example?

  • I invest £20 and receive a limited edition print and a thank you.
  • or I invest £100 and get a voucher for a one to one tuition session
  • or I invest £500 and get a one off piece of sculpture

Does the giver of the 'reward' have to donate it?

  • No.  The giver of the reward can charge as long as there is some extra money left to go 'in the pot' to make things happen!

For example?

  • I offer a signed limited edition print for £20.  This costs me £6 and £2 to post.  I am paid £8 from the investor's money and £12 goes towards the festival.  EVERYBODY WINS!!!
What can I do to help?
  • We are looking for any one who is willing to donate their time, skills or just plain insane ideas to help us raise funds for this festival and keep it free for everyone.
Karen Sherwood will offer a maximum of 20 signed limited edition prints of these two images as a £20 reward. She will also offer more limited but higher priced rewards.
Not sure of what you can give as a reward?
A reward can be anything,
  • If you can cook perhaps offer to cook a meal or prepare a special picnic to enjoy at the festival.
  • History buff?  Why not offer a tour of Hillsborough's heritage.
  • Potter?  You could make a series of bowls or tiles (limited number obviously)
  • If you write poetry, maybe compose a haiku for each donor
  • Textile artist? Share some of your skills or offer a service?
  • Psychiatrist? You could offer a half hour session (I think whoever is organising this should be first on the couch).
We all have skills and we all can do something special.  Why not share what makes you amazing and do something that helps make our community a better place?
Click here for more information about crowdfunding
Graham Shapley will be doing a run of screen prints for £20 each and individual mixtapes hand recorded onto cassette, if anyone still has anything to play them on, with custom art work for each one.
We will most likely use Indiegogo

Deadline for reward ideas: Feb 26

PLEASE NOTE:*  We only need the ideas & an image - NOT the goods by 26 Feb

Please send ideas to

Click here for the Hillsfest website

If you would like any further details or have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch with Cupola on 0114 285 2665

Thank you!  Karen, Graham and all the volunteers working hard to help deliver an extraordinary event for Hillsborough & Sheffield.
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