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Happy Holidays from LL Magnetic Clay!

snowflakeIt's that time of year again -- a time for both enthusiasm about the year to come and reflection on the year past. 2010 has been an exciting year for us, with the relaunching of our new and improved and the addition of an innovative new product to our line, our Ancient Minerals Magnesium Lotion. We look forward to continued innovation and service to both our customers and our distributors in the coming year!

In this month's issue, we've included some great new video interviews for your viewing pleasure, as well as a fantastic new book recommendation to curl up by the fire with. And if you've never considered the health benefits of eating clay, our featured article might open your eyes.

Read shocking news on YouTube's reported censorship in the health industry, and don't forget to swing by our FAQ section to see your latest questions answered.

We also have a special Magnesium Journal dedicated to all the delicious holiday foods we indulge in and those desserts we just can't help but sample.

Happy Holidays Everyone!

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Eating Clay: Lessons on Medicine from Worldwide Cultures

clay cookiesEating clay, or geophagia, is a global practice that has existed among humans since their evolution from primates. Scientists have proposed that clay eating may in fact be history's earliest example of using the earth's resources to solve medical problems. With recent evidence revealing clay's common use in lowering food toxicity and promoting digestive health, this ancient practice may continue to have much to teach us about medicine and healing.

Culture and History of Clay Consumption

Historically, clay eating has been associated with treatments for cholera and bacterial infection. In a practice dating back to Greek and Roman times and later absorbed by Christianity, holy clay tablets were widely distributed and traded throughout the Mediterranean region and Western Europe for use in religious customs and rituals, and as cures for poison and the plague. Read more...

Clay Eating Among Pregnant Women

One of the most common human populations to engage in the deliberate consuming of earth-based substances is that of pregnant women. In sub-Saharan Africa, the rates of pregnant women eating soil or clay range from 28% in Tanzania to 65% in Kenya. As scientists have sought an explanation for the historical persistence of geophagy, the body’s unique needs during pregnancy have provided the greatest clues to clay eating’s adaptive function. Read more...

Dirt, Minerals, and the Nutrition Hypothesis

Many of the minerals needed by the body are, essentially, dirt or rock. Though we most often consume them taken up in plant or animal form, nearly all mammalian species engage in some form of direct earth eating to prevent nutritional deficiency. Read more...

Our Edible Earth product was inspired by research into the biology and history of this ancient practice. We incorporated the finest healing clays, chosen from pristine subsurface sources for their purity and broad health benefits to the user.

Edible Earth is designed for the general cleansing, detoxification, and revitalization of the entire digestive tract, in addition to supplying a rich spectrum of 57 bioavailable ionic minerals.

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"What the Experts Say"

Continuing our recently launched series of health experts sharing their clinical and professional experiences with magnesium, we have released two new video interviews.

Encompassing the branches of sports medicine, naturopathy, women’s health, chiropractic medicine, and traditional medicine, the series provides a unique range of perspectives, and a powerful body of commentary on the why and how of magnesium and transdermal magnesium therapy.

The Tao of Detox Author, Daniel Reid, on Magnesium

Daniel ReidBest-selling author, writer & health educator, Daniel Reid, speaks with us on the science of transdermal medicine and the critical role of magnesium in the body. Dan has spent years studying and writing about Chinese medicine and ancient Taoist health and longevity systems. His written works include best selling titles such as The Tao of Health, Sex, & Longevity, The Complete Book of Chinese Health & Healing, and The Tao of Detox as well as numerous articles for magazines such as Spa Asia.

Magnesium Deficiency & Heart Health

William McAuliffeDr. William McAuliffe discusses just how far we as a society have fallen into magnesium deficiency, and the difficulty of trying to reverse it through food alone. Through his work and research, he's discovered a myriad of issues resolved through simply adding this crucial mineral to your system. From heart disease to blood pressure to the absorption of other nutrients, magnesium is essential to overall health. However, as Dr. McAuliffe describes, adequate intake of magnesium via oral supplements is very difficult to achieve.

youtubeWant to stay up-to-date with new releases in our "What The Experts Say" video series? Subscribe to our YouTube channel!

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YouTube + Google = Censorship?

As some of you may know, on November 17, 2010, it was discovered that a prominent organization in our industry, the IMVA, had their YouTube channel deleted unexpectedly. The channel was reported to have been "deleted by the user" on Yet statements by the Director of the IMVA, Dr. Mark Sircus, indicate that no action was taken to remove or alter the account by the IMVA itself.

censorshipWithin days of the channel being taken down, and numerous news reports relaying the occurrence, the IMVA channel mysteriously reappeared, but without its videos. Throughout the following week until December 1st, the channel slowly regained its previous status along with prior view counts... but with no response from YouTube as to the origin or reasons behind the changes.

This is not the first channel in the natural health industry to have been apparently censored by Google-owned In both cases, the media and popular bloggers have responded with serious questions as to whether Google's internal policies may involve deliberate withholding of health information from the public.

In a world rife with health issues, where no age range or class is excluded in staggering medical statistics, it's disheartening to see freedom of information stymied by the influences of giants such as Google, which, through its search engine and recent media acquisitions, heavily influence what information is available and accessible to the public.

Visit the IMVA channel, and let YouTube know that you support this organization and their freedom to share their knowledge.

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Around the holidays, a lot of us have a tendency to "cheat" and eat things that we normally might not. However, the consequences of consuming pumpkin pie, eggnog, sugar cookies, candy canes, and gingerbread are steeper than you may realize.

Where Diabetes Meets Magnesium Deficiency

As the statistics reach alarming rates, researchers try to delve deeper into the key indicators and common factors amongst those showing the precursors to or that already have diabetes. Each year, new research emerges with studies attempting to capture new facets of the cause, effect, and prevention of this disease.

Along with diabetes, there has been an increased interest in disorders that are known to be associated such as hypertension, cardiovascular disease and atherosclerosis. With all of these comes a common trend of magnesium deficiency.

Magnesium’s Role in Metabolism

You could say that this one seemingly insignificant mineral has a hand in just about every vital function in our body. Magnesium plays a critical role in both enzymatic reactions and carbohydrate metabolism, especially glycolysis.

MgATPIt is a necessary component for nearly all enzymes involved in the glycolytic and Krebs cycles, which turn sugar and fat into ATP. ATP transports energy within cells for metabolism, and is stored in the body as a combination of magnesium and ATP (MgATP). So essentially, without this mineral the body’s cellular metabolism is virtually dead in the water.

Magnesium & Insulin

In a magnesium deficient state, the pancreas’ ability to secrete insulin is impaired and cellular insulin receptor sites become resistant. In the average healthy person, insulin supports the uptake of magnesium into the cells. In turn, magnesium is needed for the cells to create more insulin receptors to maintain their sensitivity.

Due to the complementary relationship between insulin and magnesium, and the number of metabolic processes that are involved, it has been suggested that supplementing with magnesium could help reverse the symptoms of metabolic syndrome and insulin resistance, both precursors to diabetes.

Cause & Effect

Although there are many reasons why our population is finding themselves facing diabetes, diet is the primary contributor to our current downfall. With the modern diet consisting of high amounts of refined and processed carbohydrates, neither magnesium nor insulin has a chance. Normally, when carbohydrates are consumed and turned to glucose, insulin would be secreted to rapidly remove it from the bloodstream and into the cells for energy. However, with increased cell resistance, insulin has nowhere to go and the glucose is instead stored as fat. On top of that, the high levels of insulin in the bloodstream cause magnesium to be excreted in excess through urination.


Type 2 diabetics that are not currently supplementing with magnesium, are almost always going to test deficient. If the insulin resistance itself weren’t enough, compounding the problem are the various lipid-lowering drug treatments that also cause depletion of magnesium within the body.

In a 1993 article in Diabetologia, they stated that the cardiovascular consequences of diabetes may be at least partly due to magnesium deficiency. This certainly isn’t the first study to suggest that a deficiency may be a large part of the problem. Results from a study in Taiwan showed a correlation between levels of magnesium in the drinking water and the risk of dying from diabetes.

Other studies have shown that disorders associated with type 1 and 2 diabetes such as atherosclerosis and retinopathy could benefit from magnesium supplementation.

*However, this excludes patients with significant renal impairment.

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QADoes Prescript Assist help with acne?

The foundation of almost all natural acne treatments starts with bowel cleansing and replenishing your good intestinal flora. Since PrescriptAssist is both a probiotic and prebiotic, this is an ideal way to ensure a healthy gastrointestinal tract.

However, I wouldn't stop there. There are dietary changes that can be made as well to assist you in your journey to a better complexion. As you know, your skin is often an advertisement of your internal health. That being said, the Weston A. Price Foundation's Dr. Thomas Cowan discusses various nutritional options for assuring a healthy gut and clear skin.

Can your Clay Baths be used as facials?

Our Magnetic Clay Detox Baths can be used in many different capacities outside of a simple bath. One of these ways, a clay pack, is outlined on our website. This application can be customized for those looking to apply the clay as a facial by adding more water to the recipe, thus giving it a more fluid consistency.

With our faces being exposed to environmental toxins, chemicals, and fumes daily, this is an ideal and mild way to remove topical as well as internal residue. As with all of our clay, please be sure and read our application instructions prior to use.

Why is your magnesium oil packaged in plastic instead of glass?

We have had numerous customers ask about why we chose to package our product in plastic versus glass, since glass is a safer medium in which to store health products. Unfortunately, our magnesium product line is a very heavy one, making shipments in glass containers not only very costly to customers, but very breakable as well. Furthermore, there is also the trade-off between using recyclable plastics versus the environmental impact of shipping heavy items and consuming additional fossil fuels.

We did make certain to select HDPE plastic (which is the safest) for our bottles, and they are provided for us by a company in California rather than an import for quality control purposes.