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It's Fabulous February!

HeartWhether the Valentine's Day season makes you smile or cringe, you can't fault the excellent treats that seem to emerge at this time of year. (If you're looking for something out of the ordinary, yet unforgettably delicious, my personal favorites are the Mayan Spice chocolate truffles at Coracao Confections.) But we at Magnetic Clay have another sort of valentine in mind to show our appreciation for all our special customers.

We know that getting a grip on your budget between the holidays and tax season can be stressful, so we've decided to put our #1 household staple and top selling product, Ancient Minerals Magnesium Oil, on special for 30% off!

Not only that, but our Referral Incentive Program is available as always -- the easiest way to earn free product. Be sure to read about it below!

This month's Magnesium Journal is dedicated to a friend who suffers from chronic kidney stones and has yet to find relief. It's packed with tips on conquering and avoiding this painful condition. And for a bit of health information that's good for all of us, stop into our Healthy Reading section and get "in the know" about your personal products and how to avoid paying the price for a pretty face.

Happy Belated Valentine's Day from LL Magnetic Clay and Ancient Minerals!

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Referral Incentive Program

SeedsIf you haven't had the opportunity to read about our Referral Incentive Program, then you're missing out on a great, mutually beneficial program.

We frequently receive calls across the U.S. inquiring whether there happens to be a local retailer of our product. It's understandable that having a local source of our health products would not only add convenience but would also save a lot on those shipping costs, especially since most of our products tend to tip the scales a bit.

Unfortunately, our small business status keeps us from canvassing every nook and cranny and reaching every applicable marketplace. So, while we may have a retailer in your state, there's a chance they won't be located nearby. Having said that, we hope to enlist your assistance in spreading the word so that you may reap the benefits two-fold.

Understandably, it may not be a single attempt that brings your local store or practitioner to carry our products; so in appreciation of your efforts, we would like to offer you a product incentive. Once your local health food store, health practioner, spa, compounding pharmacy… etc., has been approved and placed their first order as a retailer you may select one of the incentive packages from below:

Remineralize“Remineralize”                     Retail Value: $118.00
Ancient Minerals Magnesium Oil, Lotion, and Flake Combination.                
(8oz oil, 8oz lotion, 6.5lb jar)


Energize“Energize”                              Retail Value: $113.00
Nascent Iodine | Iodine: Why You Need It and Why You Can’t Live Without It
(one 4oz bottle & book by Dr. Brownstein)


Rejuvenate“Rejuvenate”                           Retail Value: $104.95
Ancient Minerals | Nascent Iodine | PrescriptAssist
(8oz oil, 1oz iodine, 60 capsule bottle)


Purify“Purify”                                     Retail Value: $117.00
Environmental Detox Bath | Edible Earth Formula #1
(5lb clay kit, 1 jar of Edible Earth Formula #1)


All of us here at LL Magnetic Clay thoroughly appreciate all of the positive feedback from our customers. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us. For questions regarding our Referral Incentive Program, contact Ashley Ramirez at

*Each incentive package includes complimentary shipping.
**Referral incentive only available in the U.S.. If you're interested in a referral incentive program in your area, contact us and we'll be more than happy to make inquiries on your behalf.

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"What the Experts Say"

If you haven't had the opportunity to see what all the fuss is about, take a moment to stop by our YouTube page. In continuing with our recently launched series of health experts sharing their clinical and professional experiences with magnesium, we have expanded to include two additional health experts who bring with them a wealth of information and experience.

Encompassing the branches of sports medicine, naturopathy, women’s health, chiropractic medicine, and traditional medicine, the series provides a unique range of perspectives, and a powerful body of commentary on the how and why of magnesium and transdermal magnesium therapy.

Easing Pregnancy with Magnesium

Rochelle McKay-MastertonA Naturopath and fertility expert, Rochelle discusses the beneficial effects of magnesium on the pains endured in pregnancy, and the calming effect it has for both new mothers and infants.

Rochelle McKay-Masterton, founder of the She Oak Natural Fertility Clinic in Maleny, Australia, discusses the influential effect magnesium has had on her patients during both their pregnancies and the following years with their new infant. Her work at the clinic has brought her a variety of experiences where the simple application of magnesium provided unimaginable relief to the stresses of pregnancy.

Magnesium: The Athlete's Mineral

kathleen akinA veteran in treating athletes, Peter Liddy tells us why his professional patients use magnesium oil as their emergency pain relief.

What burdens athletes the most when training? Everything ranging from seizing muscles, stiffness, and fatigue, to recovery time and special dietary requirements. Using natural remedies, Thai massage and utilizing his unique skills in Bowen Therapy, Peter seeks to right the imbalances that afflict his patients, rather than treating superficial symptoms.

youtubeWant to stay up-to-date with our new releases in our "What The Experts Say" video series? Subscribe to our YouTube channel!

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Somebody Stop This Pain!

Anyone who has had the misfortune to have kidney stones knows that they're nothing short of agony. Their likening to razor blades is fairly accurate, as the majority of them aren't smooth, but rather jagged in nature. However, when walking into your doctor's office to remedy this excruciating ailment, the solutions offered would often seem laughable if they were not woefully inadequate.

"Excuse me, Doctor, but how many Percocet should I take?"

Calcium + Oxalate = Kidney Stones

Kidney Stone CrystalsKidney stones can be prevented. And with proper attention to health they may also be dissolved over time, eliminating the need for surgery or medications. A look into their cause provides the clues.

Kidney stones are most commonly caused by hypercalciuria and/or hyperoxaluria. Due to either dietary excess of foods containing these components, or your body's inability to break them down sufficiently, the presence of too much calcium or oxalate results in crystals being formed inside the kidneys.

When seeking advice from the average general practitioner, the most common recommendation is to drink more water, since being well hydrated dilutes the high concentrations of just about anything in the kidneys. Secondary is advice to cut down on foods that may exacerbate the problem, such as dairy (high in calcium) and berries (high in oxalates). There are lists of foods high in calcium and oxalate available on many websites, but does abstaining from these while loading up on water really get to the root of the problem? Recent studies have answered an overwhelming "No", especially when results showed that higher dietary calcium intake actually resulted in a protective effect against stone formation.

So the question still remains – what’s the best way to prevent kidney stones?

Breaking Down the Calcium

A common denominator in many recurrent kidney stone sufferers is low serum and erythrocyte magnesium levels. But more important even than magnesium deficiency per se is an inadequate magnesium to calcium ratio. This is very pertinent to those who may be supplementing heavily with calcium.

Left KidneyBalancing your mineral intake can be a challenging task, and although your body does an efficient job of storing calcium long term, magnesium often loses out. Furthermore, while magnesium is a necessary component of calcium absorption, too much calcium actually blocks the uptake of magnesium. This may explain why by increasing dietary magnesium as well as supplementation with magnesium, stone formation was decreased significantly in several medical studies. The ingestion of magnesium with meals also was found to decrease calcium oxalate by combining with urinary oxalate to form a soluble magnesium oxalate.

Breaking Down the Oxalate

Conclusive studies have shown that there is a higher rate of kidney stones formed in those with low rates of colonization of Oxalobacter formigenes, which is a commensal colonic bacterium in the human body. O. formigenes, or rather its enzyme oxalyl-CoA decarboxylase, is capable of degrading oxalate and preventing hyperoxaluria from occurring in the first place.

In other words, insufficient amounts of O. formigenes bacteria may lead to a higher amount of oxalates absorbed into the intestinal walls, leading to higher urinary oxalate concentration.

It has been hypothesized that by supplementing with this bacteria and repopulating the intestines, calcium oxalate stone formation could potentially be reduced or abolished entirely. This isn’t very difficult to believe given the human body’s sensitive biological balance, and the repercussions of common medical solutions like antibiotics. Probiotics have long been solutions to seemingly hopeless ailments like ulcers caused by H. pylori, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Colitis, yeast overgrowth, and a host of ailments of the gastrointestinal tract.

The beneficial flora in the human body perform enough metabolic processes to be considered an organ in and of themselves. Protecting the health of this vital system in the body goes a long way toward protection from painful kidney stones.

So, what now?

By discussing these natural alternatives with your physician you may find your way to more lasting and less painful results.

- Try locating a good source of Oxalobacter formigenes, rather than just the enzyme, to help repopulate your intestines.

- Investigate the possibility of low magnesium.

- And do some research on what type of magnesium is the best for you.

And don't forget - keep drinking plenty of water!

Note: Neither of these possible solutions for keeping calcium oxalate stones at bay takes into account genetic or auto-immune disorders that may result in stone formation, such as renal tubular acidosis (which is the kidney’s inability to properly acidify the urine). Consult with your physician before considering any and all treatment alternatives. Never delay treatment as a result of information you have read online.

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QAA friend told me I could make magnesium oil by using distilled water and nigari (magnesium flakes). Would you recommend this, and if so, how can this be done?

This is something that we've heard quite a bit recently, and unfortunately, it's also something that we'll never support. Here's why:

Having researched the origin of most Nigari products, it's safe to say that the majority are derived from the sea/ocean directly surrounding China and Japan. There is no special processing or testing done, they simply draw up sea water and allow it to evaporate by exposing it to heat or sunlight. This yields what is called "Natural Nigari".

Most companies in the U.S. use a method in which sea water is concentrated, filtered, bleached, and cooked to yield magnesium and natural salt. Although from seawater, refined nigari must be classified as a synthetic due to the bleaching process used.

Some companies use the Ion Exchange Dialysis Method, which is the only way to remove chemicals and heavy metals from the sea water. However, these companies are few and far between and due to the additional processing required, their products are priced higher, which ultimately defeats the purpose of this DIY question in the first place.

Can I put both the magnetic clay and the magnesium flakes in the same bath?

The simple answer is 'No'. When using the clay in a bath, you are pulling toxins out of the body, and when using the magnesium bath flakes you are pulling minerals into the body.

These are completely different protocols, and as such cannot be combined into one process. We do recommend that you remineralize after using the clay baths, since you may lose electrolytes in the process. So, if you have time to remain in the bath after you've rinsed off the clay, it would be very therapeutic to follow up with the magnesium.