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How Can Online Games for Change Improve Development Impact?


October 7th New York City Salon - RSVP Now

More than a billion people worldwide play computer and video games, including 183 million in the US, where 5 million gamers reportedly spend more than 40 hours a week playing games. In 2013, women accounted for around 50 percent of gamers in the US, and the numbers are growing. The rest of the world is also gaming, and as mobile phone ownership continues to reach saturation, and phones become more and more sophisticated around the world, mobile games are also expanding and growing in popularity.
Considering the growth in mobile phone access and ownership around the world and the expansion of gaming;
  • What is the role of games in development?
  • How can development organizations use innovative technology games to contribute to advocacy and fundraising with donor populations?
  • What about gaming for education, health and other social change goals with participants in development programs?
  • And how can we use the principles and tactics of ‘gamification’ as a way of making social and behavioral change efforts more successful?
  • What is the latest evidence that games and gamification work?
Please RSVP now to join Asi Burak (Games for Change), Stan Mierzwa and Craig Savel (Population Council) and Nick Martin (TechChange) for a discussion on some of the different ways that games and gamification can be used in development work. We’ll address such questions as:
  • What are some examples of success and failure when it comes to Games for Change? Why do some games work and some fail? What are some good practices that we can incorporate to improve chances for success?
  • What are some of the design, development, financial, policy and ethical considerations when creating games about/for development in an emerging economy? How can games address difficult or taboo topics in sensitive ways and avoid the creation of negative stereotypes?
  • We know that more women are playing games, how can more women be involved in designing games for change?
  • What elements of gaming, such as avatars and point systems, can be brought into other kinds of programming that can help improve uptake, learning, self-reported data collection and behavior change?
Please RSVP now to join Technology Salon NYC for a lively discussion! Be sure to arrive early to clear security at the Population Council’s office (don’t forget your ID!) and to get a good seat. Light breakfast and coffee will be served.
Gaming and Development
October Technology Salon in New York City
Tuesday, October 7th, 9-11am
Population Council
9th floor JDRA Conference Room
One Dag Hammarskjold Plaza
New York, NY 10017

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