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How to Conduct Digital MERL During COVID-19?

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The COVID-19 pandemic has devastated the globe with its exponentially growing numbers of affected persons, crashing economies, and dwindling medical supplies. A great majority of the world is suffering the effects.

COVID-19 has also brought drastic changes in how organizations operate due to travel restrictions, quarantine, and social distancing orders from governments who are desperate to slow the spread of the virus and lessen its impact.
Please join MERL Tech and CLEAR-AA for three virtual events happening the first week of June as part of CLEAR’s gLOCAL Evaluation Week.

As a current Technology Salon subscriber, we believe that these events will help you address broader themes of MERL and technology through the lens of the current COVID-19 situation

Even online, space is limited to foster intimate conversations, so please RSVP now to attend! Once we reach our discussion capacity there will be a waiting list!.
Responsible Data - June 2 - RSVP Now
Data is a necessary and critical part of COVID-19 prevention and response efforts. We need data in order to understand where the virus might appear next, who is most at risk, and where resources should be directed for prevention and response.

However we need to ensure that we are managing that data responsibly so that we don’t use it to unnecessarily create fear or panic. We also need to be sure that we are not putting people at risk of privacy violations or misuse of personal data.

Please RSVP now to join these thought leaders in addressing issues of responsible data collection, use, visualization, and management in a crisis.
Remote Monitoring - June 3 - RSVP Now
As the world moves into “work from home” and quarantine lock-downs, there is reduced access which makes it difficult for evaluators to do their jobs. Remote operations are an alternative to face-to-face settings. For example, researchers can use phone calls instead of in-person interviews.

However, as with any technology substitute, virtual monitoring brings a new set of challenges. Researchers and those conducting remote M&E need to think carefully about research ethics.

Please RSVP now to join these thought leaders to focus on how remote monitoring can be done during the pandemic and how it might continue to be a useful approach post-COVID-19.
Administrative Data - June 4 - RSVP Now
Administrative data is data that is collected as part of regular activities that occur during program implementation by governments, development agencies or service providers. It has not been tapped sufficiently for learning and research purposes in humanitarian emergencies.

As the COVID-19 pandemic advances, the question arises of how might administrative data be used to help with the COVID response, including how this type of data could support with COVID response and other national or global pandemics or crises that may occur in future.
Please RSVP now to join these thought leaders in focusing on ways to use Administrative Data for M&E.
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