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Technology Salon

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How can the International Aid Transparency Initiative support aid effectiveness?

Thousands of organizations, including aid donors, partner governments, multilateral organizations, NGOs, private foundations, and others are active in the development assistance arena. They play a variety of different roles in planning, implementing, and monitoring aid-funded work, and maximizing the impact of that work requires that these entities have mechanisms to coordinate their efforts.

IATI and aid effectivenessInformation about the activities of other organizations is key to the process of planning and implementing aid activities in order to avoid duplication of effort and target aid where it is most needed. However, too often, basic information about ongoing activities is not disseminated throughout the ecosystem.  

The International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI), a multi-stakeholder initiative that includes donors, partner countries and CSOs, aims to make information about aid spending easier to access, use and understand. IATI has developed and agreed a common, open, international standard for publishing information – the IATI standard.  IATI has been signed by 28 donor agencies and endorsed by 22 partner countries.

The recent push to adopt open data and open government principles in the development sector has prompted aid organizations to rethink how they share information, and how others can make use of it.

At the Salon we will discuss:
  • How can we improve coordination and information sharing within the global aid ecosystem? How can greater transparency lead to more accountability and better impact?
  • What does signing onto IATI mean in practice for donors and CSOs? What are some of the challenges?
  • What open data solutions and tools are currently being implemented and by whom?
  • How can we balance concerns around opening up aid data with the positive potential of an aid sector built around open aid data?
Our discussants will be:
Please join your Technology Salon NYC colleagues at:

   IATI and aid effectiveness
   April NYC Technology Salon
   2 p.m. - 4 p.m.
   Friday, April 13th, 2012
   New York Law School
   Room W504 - 5th Floor
   185 West Broadway
   New York City, NY (map)

We'll have coffee and cookies for an afternoon rush, but seating is limited and the NY Law School is in a secure building. So RSVP ASAP to be confirmed for attendance or you are on the waitlist.

For those attending, please arrive 15 minutes early to clear security and be sure to bring photo ID.

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