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We have some bad news. Late yesterday afternoon, the Senate shut down for the summer – without passing Bill C-518 (the law to revoke taxpayer-funded pensions from criminal politicians). Because there is an election scheduled for this fall and the Senate won’t sit again, the bill is now dead.
Former Senator Mac Harb is probably the happiest guy in the land today. He goes to
trial in August on fraud charges and if he’s convicted, he will keep collecting his $122,000 pension thanks to his pals in the Senate. Make no mistake: Senators knew full well what they were doing when they declined to pass this bill into law.

We may have lost this battle, but the war isn’t over.

Recall that this is a bill that was passed by a vote of
257-13 in the House of Commons. Every party supported this legislation. We’ve been here before – such as with transparency legislation for aboriginal politicians. The original bill was killed, but it was brought back in an even better form in the next Parliament, and eventually became the First Nations Financial Transparency Act. Accordingly, we’re going to be pressing the leaders of all the major parties to commit to reintroducing C-518 as a government bill in the next Parliament
Of course, this issue wouldn’t have made it this far without the bill’s sponsors in the House and Senate. Would you mind taking a few moments to send a note of thanks to them?
And if you’re so inclined, sign our petition demanding a national referendum on abolishing the Senate:

Thanks for doing your part. We’ll keep doing ours.

- Aaron, Scott, Shannon and the entire CTF team

P.S.: We don’t win every fight we take on, but someone needs to be there to fight for what’s right. On Canada Day, show your support for the team that is taking on the tough battles on your behalf every day. Make a donation to the Canadian Taxpayers Federation through our secure website today:
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