Dear Supporter,
It’s hard to believe it could get worse.
The federal government has racked up hundreds of billions in new debt since March. Next year’s deficit is going to be in the range of $400 billion. That’s about twenty times what it was last year.
Current spending is completely unsustainable and the Trudeau government needs to start turning the taps off.
But it gets worse.
Having racked up so much debt in an emergency, a responsible government would be thinking about how to climb out of such a deep hole.
Unbelievably, the Trudeau government seems to want to dig an even deeper one.
Media reports say the prime minister wants to “dream big.” He himself has said he wants to “reshape” Canada and to have a “green recovery.”
It’s so bad that even bureaucrats are sounding the alarm, with one telling the National Post “It is literally frightening. I am very worried about my kids’ future and their capacity to service that level of debt.”
They are right to be worried. A government that wasted billions in the good times now wants to potentially waste hundreds of billions gambling on a fantasyland plan to “reshape” the entire economy.
If the Liberals don’t change course, we could be facing the biggest spending boondoggle in Canadian history – and it will be our children and grandchildren who end up paying the price.
We need you to tell Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland to say no to this reckless spending.
To say no to this kind of expensive gamble.
To say no to pie-in-the-sky plans to “reshape” the economy.

To do the right thing and get Canada back on track.

Can you take five minutes to email or call Minister Freeland and tell her to say NO to spending billions on reckless economic experiments?
Her email is:

Her office phone number is: 613-992-5234
We’ve seen before that if enough people call and email to voice their concerns, politicians will listen.
We owe it to our children and grandchildren to give it everything we’ve got.
We’ll never stop fighting to bring economic sanity to government – and with your help, we will win!
Thanks for everything you do,
  • Aaron, Todd, Shannon and the entire CTF team
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