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Since coming to office, Stephen Harper and the Conservatives have increased the size of the federal government 42%. A recent announcement on the possible funding of a professional hockey arena in Quebec City helps explain why.
Now we are big hockey fans like many Canadians, but we are also big taxpayers like many Canadians; it’s time the Harper government got its priorities straight. How can the government seriously be considering a – unbudgeted - $180 million professional hockey arena at a time when we’re adding $135 million a day to the federal debt?
But it’s worse than that. To cover his political hide the government is considering funding professional sports facilities in other parts of the country.
When the former Liberal government proposed professional hockey subsidies back in 2000, then President of the National Citizen’s Coalition Stephen Harper had this to say: “Canadians are being forced to subsidize millionaire hockey team owners and that’s a misconduct.”
It’s time to tell Stephen Harper to STOP his reckless spending agenda. It’s time for a return to the sound reforms and balanced budgets of the 1990’s and early 2000’s. It’s time for responsible management of our country’s finances, a return to controlled spending and balanced budgets.
Please send a message to Stephen Harper to “puck off” with his plans to bury us deeper in debt by funding professional sports arenas for millionaire athletes and team owners.
Sign our petition here. Send a message to the Prime Minister at
-- Courtenay, Kevin, Shannon, and the rest of the CTF team
P.S. Next Action Update, we want to organize supporters to send an onslaught of hockey pucks to Ottawa. Anything you can chip in to help cover the cost of these pucks is greatly appreciated and goes a long way.

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