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While in London, England last week, Prime Minister Stephen Harper told the assembled media that reducing
personal income taxes was next on his government’s agenda.

Now that Canada is only a few months away from declaring a balanced budget, it’s time to start thinking about the next step.

Should Canada cut taxes or reduce debt? And if the Harper government is going to cut taxes, should it be personal taxes, business taxes or others? Lastly, if it is personal income taxes that are going to get cut, how should that take place: income splitting, lower and flatter tax rates or increased tax credits?

Later this week the CTF’s Federal Director, Gregory Thomas, is meeting with Finance Minister Joe Oliver and we want to tell the minister what you think.

Can you take 8 minutes right now and fill out this short 13-question survey?

Make sure your voice is heard. Please give us lots of feedback to share with the finance minister.

Thanks for all you do.
  • Gregory, Scott, Shannon and the entire CTF team
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