WSDG EDU - April 2021 - Webinars Series
WSDG Global Team Announces
2021 Webinar Series


Educational Program

The WSDG Global Team is pleased to announce that we will be hosting our second series of free and on-demand educational webinars through our WSDG EDU platform. These webinars will expand upon the fascinating architectural, design, and A/V integration topics driving our latest work -- from full-featured and personalized ‘Mission Control’ setups in the home to some of the world’s largest stadiums and performance amphitheaters.
Full descriptions and registration details are below. We hope you’ll join us!

John Storyk, Wolfgang Ahnert, Sergio Molho, Dirk Noy, Gabriel Hauser
Size and Sound
Optimizing Acoustics For
The World Largest Rooms
April 27, 1:00 pm ET
Hosted by:
Gabriel Hauser, WSDG Partner, Director of Acoustics

Professor Wolfgang Ahnert, Founding Director ADA-AMC (a WSDG Company)

Language: English

Challenge: A major challenge in the design of large concert halls, auditoriums, sports stadiums, and theaters is correctly “tuning” the acoustic behavior of these spaces, and balancing the architectural and functional needs of their environments with the customized sound reinforcement and effective A/V integration.  In this discussion, Gabriel Hauser and Wolfgang Ahnert will analyze the complex architectural and room acoustical parameters required to tame these immense spaces.  Case studies, including the Kulturpalast Dresden and Elbphilharmonie Hamburg in Germany, and Musikakademie Basel in Switzerland, will be presented to illustrate these concepts and deft, elegant solutions designed by WSDG to optimize these large room acoustic challenges.
E-Studios Evolution
Designing Full-Featured ‘Mission Control’ Spaces in the Home
May 18, 1:00 pm ET
Hosted by:
John Storyk, WSDG Co-Founder
Sergio Molho, WSDG Partner, Director of Business Development

Language: English

Challenge: One of the earliest and most compelling lessons brought on by the global COVID-19 pandemic as the world grappled with long-term work-from-home and remote learning issues was the need for spaces in the home, capable of meeting full-time professional, creative, and educational needs.  In this discussion, John Storyk and Sergio Molho will  describe how these needs coincided with the  "E-Studio" concept - an ‘evolved’ residential environment, designed specifically for these purposes with the requisite acoustic, ergonomic, and technical tools and treatments that WSDG has pioneered across the widely diverse pro audio, educational, and professional content creation fields.
Noise Off!
Structural Acoustics, Isolation
and Vibration Control
June 15, 1:00 pm ET
Hosted by:
Dirk Noy, WSDG Partner, Director of Applied Science and Engineering
Gabriel Hauser, WSDG Partner, Director of Acoustics

Language: English

Challenge: The science (and art) of designing physical spaces for specific purposes has evolved over the past 2000+ years from Roman Coliseums and Greek Amphitheaters to highly sophisticated Performance Spaces such as the Hollywood Bowl, Jazz At Lincoln Center, and Switzerland’s KKL Luzern Concert Hall.  This webinar will address the design tools, architectural/acoustic measurement software, and physical treatments available to (1) Custom-design new spaces for superlative listening and viewing enjoyment and (2) Correctly built spaces to substantially improve speech intelligibility, and music/spoken word performance appreciation, and control sound “leakage” into (and out of) rooms, which require sound isolation.  Topics to be covered will include:  Definitions e.g. Quietness Levels, Airborne and Structureborne Sound Transmission; and ‘Applications’ e.g. Sound Isolation, Mass and Decoupling, Room-Within-Room Construction.  Case Studies will include The Church Studios, (London);  Jazz At Lincoln Center (NYC), and Swiss Parliament/National Council Hall, (Bern).
In addition to our ongoing webinar series, the WSDG Global Team continues to be active in educational activities around the globe, including but not limited to remote appearances at the upcoming AVIXA, InfoComm, AES, and NAMM shows as well as ongoing courses with our partners in the AIA.  For more information on these appearances, please visit
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