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A note from the Team Leader

On behalf of the wonderful team at our 6 centers in North India, I want to say Thank You for your prayers and partnership with Delhi Bible Institute in making the love of Lord Jesus known.

We thank the Lord that Vision 2025 is progressing well. Our goal to disciple 30,000 for seeing 15,000 transformational communities established across North India by 2025 is well on its course. Since launching this vision on 1 January 2005, we have already equipped over 20,000. We are now working to upwardly revise our goals.

Our latest efforts in Chandigarh are facing all the initial hurdles. But we believe with the help of the Lord we will overcome and see a testimony of the Lord established there. Your partnership will be very critical in the success of this initiative.

One of the critical factors for the possibility of this service to the Lord is because of the sacrificial partnership of people like you. We will like to invite you to come and see the work that the Lord is doing in North India. From 27 September to 6 October we are organizing a Vision Trip to some of our centers, religious and historical sights of India. Prayerfully consider coming on this visit and see your life changed and engaged in an impactful way in God’s mission to his world.

Giving of your gifts and talents fulfills the Lord's Great Commission. Keep praying for this amazing work of the Lord.

If you are a first time reader of Uplink a warm welcome to you.

We will love to hear from you.

Isaac Shaw 

Featuring Bible Bhavan Christian Fellowship, Chandigarh

The Bible Bhavan Christian Fellowship church was pioneered in Chandigarh in April this year. Seven people are now coming to the church every Sunday.

Honey Kumar, who pastors the church, regularly travels around the city to evangelise. On one of his trips, as he took a rickshaw he started sharing about the Lord to the rickshaw puller. The man listened carefully and shared how he was a drug addict and how he beat up his wife everyday.  Honey prayed with him and also visited his family. Raggu, the rickshaw puller, now faithfully comes to the church with his wife and son. He has given up on drugs and now cares for his family.

The church meets in a rented place. We continue to trust and pray for the Lord to provide us a property of our own to start the Chandigarh Bible Ashram which will enable us to reach out and train the people of Punjab.

Honey Kumar

Honey Kumar was born in a Christian family but remained a worshipper of Hindu gods for 16 years. Though he went to church and read the Bible, he did not believe in the teachings of the Bible. His parents earnestly prayed for his salvation. Honey on the other hand spent more and more of this time in writing hymns of the Hindu Gods and spending long hours after school in the temples worshipping and singing praises.

One Sunday his father forced him to go to church. The Pastor was preaching about the Prodigal son and Honey was moved to realise the distance between God and him. He however went back to his old life. In 2004 he was again forced to go to church where he heard about the holiness of God. Honey says of the experience “as I kept hearing the message I figured myself standing far away from the Lord. I was totally transformed from inside out. The need for a Saviour led me to repent of my sins.”

Honey was pursuing his B. Tech when he decided to serve the Lord. He studied his Bachelor of Theology in Chandigarh and was encouraged by his friend to do the One year course in Expository Preaching and Practical Theology in DBI. He completed the course and was invited to serve the Lord in the Bible Bhavan Christian Fellowship Church.

Since April this year, he is pastoring the BBCF church in Chandigarh (Punjab).  Honey is married to Rashmeet and they have a one month old son, Jonathan Paul.

Trainings and Events in June

Summer Bible Camps

There was great excitement in the Ashrams at Delhi, Dehradun, Lucknow and Chandauli as they ministered to 732 kids during the Bible camps.

“The camp was amazing. I am really blessed to have been a part of it. At the camp I learnt a great deal about being a champion for God and made new friends, but most of all I learnt to trust God wholeheartedly. Over the years there have been situations which made me doubt his love for me and my faith in him, but at the camp my hope in him was renewed and I was at peace. I am really grateful to God for this experience.”  - Daiyairi Muivah

The camp in Delhi was a five day residential camp. The younger children learnt to be champions for God with the heroes of the Bible as examples and the teenager learnt the Bible view on fashion, drugs, additions, gaming and gambling, pornography, lust etc

The parents of the children were invited to the church service on the closing day where they listened on parenting from Deuteronomy.

The parents of 46 children from other faiths heard the gospel and 19 people committed their lives to the Lord.

Gospel Satsang

Ashok who completed the Christian Foundations Course in Lucknow Bible Ashram went back to his village and organized a gospel meeting for the people of his village. More than 300 people gathered to hear who Jesus is and why he died for us.

Regional Bible Training

119 men and women were trained through the Regional Bible Trainings held in the districts of Uttar Pradesh.

Bible Bhavan Christian Fellowship, Chandauli

“Several medical tests were done but none could give me the reason why I was becoming unconscious, having convulsions and bleeding from my mouth. The temple priest took 15,000 rupees and promised that he would perform some rites to rid me of the demons tormenting me day and night. The priest came home and after the rituals were completed, assured me that I was free of the demons. That night as usual I  again had the same symptoms. Somebody suggested that we go to the Bible Ashram and ask the pastor there to pray. I was taken to the Ashram and after prayers I felt much better. We as a family now regularly attend the church at the Ashram. I am now able to sleep peacefully at nights.”
- Changur

Changur is among many people from non-Christian background who attend the church at the Chandauli Bible Ashram. More than 60 people worship at the Ashram every Sunday and 30 children attend the Sunday School.

Invitation to Vision Trip in September

We invite Pastors, Mission Committee members and friends to prayerfully participate in the Vision Trip this year from 27 September to 6 October and encourage your church to think and pray more widely and be involved in the ministry of DBI.

The itinerary will include a trip to one or two Bible Ashrams, the Taj Mahal and to a holy place of the Hindus. You will get to experience the culture of India and to think more widely of the Christian Church in North India.

Apart from the flight costs the internal travel, accommodation and other costs would amount to £500. For further details contact Pastor Isaac at dbishaw@gmail.com

Pray for us

The one year course in Expository Preaching and Practical Theology begins this month. Pray for the effectiveness of the trainers and connection with the right students.

Pray for Jonathan Paul, son of Honey and Rashmeet, who was born prematurely in the seventh month and is in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit for the past one month.

Pray for the victims of the floods in Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh.

Pray for the Regional Directors and the teams in the six centres.

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