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Featuring Delhi Vocational Centre

The Delhi Vocational Centre was started in 2011 to provide relief to the Afghan refugees in Delhi.  English classes, Computer training, Bible studies, Discipleship programmes are part of the schedule in the centre.

Adib and Kamal, both from Afghanistan graduated as students of the Course in Expository Preaching and Practical Theology in 2011. Both of them came to the faith by hearing the gospel through a Missionary who taught them English classes in Afghanistan. The Bible verses he taught opened up avenues for their questions which ultimately led them to the truth.

Since its inception 72 students joined various courses and 36 graduated.

Amir Khan (name changed) came to India in 2008 as a refugee. He heard of Afghanis becoming Christians and soon began his search for the reason behind this. He did a search on the internet for a Bible in his language and started reading it. He was left with more questions regarding various issues in the Bible and started looking for an Afghan church. Amir joined the discipleship course in the centre and gave his life to the Lord.

Christian Foundations Course

“I came as a student to Delhi Bible Institute in 1994 and the course had had an overall impact on my life. I want my children to be equipped like me”.

Kumar sent his two daughters to learn in the CFC course in Ranchi Bible Ashram.

The CFC course is a 4 weeks residential course held to establish students in their faith, in the Word of God and in the understanding of the life and teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ.
42 graduated the Hindi course in the Ashrams at Dehradun, Lucknow and Ranchi.

Regional Bible Training

RBT is a five day training held to strengthen the ministry of our former students. It is also held for people who are unable to travel to our Ashrams. 

98 people were trained through the training held in the state of Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan.

Church House Party

As part of my Church House Party Resolution, I had decided to read my Bible all over again in a systematic way. From 21st August I along with my children, Kevin and Jasmin started reading from Genesis: 1
I have never enjoyed reading God's Word as much as I do now and I meet with Him daily at 6:30am.                                     Bandana, member of BBCF church

The Annual Church House Party is a 3 day retreat held to encourage the members in the Word of God, in prayer and in building relationships. 50 members of the Bible Bhavan Christian Fellowship, Delhi went to Dehradun. Pastor Philip Donald from UK spoke extensively on prayer.

Medical Camp

A one day medical camp was held in Dehradun Bible Ashram with Doctors from Delhi. Students and some neighbours were checked up and given treatment for various ailments.

Vocational Courses

6 graduated in the Computer and Sewing trainings held in Ranchi Bible Ashram.
4 completed the basic course in Computers in Dehradun Bible Ashram.


Baptism Tank: As new believers come to trust in Jesus, they request to be baptized. Apparently we have to look for public ponds and rivers. This is becoming increasingly risky and attracts negative attention. This is an urgent need for us to construct our own baptism tank in our Ashrams at Dehradun, Lucknow and Ranchi.
This will cost $15,000.

Bunk Beds: With the increase response to our residential programs more students are applyiis putting our limited facilities to great extremes. There is a need for 20 bunk beds each in the Ashrams at Dehradun, Lucknow and Ranchi.  
One bunk bed costs $150.

If the Lord leads you, kindly contribute generously towards the needs.

40 days prayer and fasting

The church in Delhi is observing fasting and prayer from 18th September to 27th October. Please send in your prayer requests. If you want to be a part of this prayer network, please write to us mentioning the days you would fast and for the prayer requests .


Honey Kumar, Pastor of the Chandigarh BBCF, called requesting for prayers for his wife, Rashmeet, who in her sixth month of pregnancy was admitted for an emergency delivery. Honey wasn't prepared for this emergency.
In his words.......

I cried out â€œWhat are you doing Lord?"  I obeyed your plan and came to Chandigarh to start the church here and all I receive is trials. Even my parents are not with me to help me in this emergency. I felt in my heart that my wife would not go home with me. She would certainly die in the hospital. Whenever I went to the room where she was laying, I said  "Lord,  I want to take Rashmeet home and I want to serve you with her for your glory."
   The following day at 4.00 in the morning, the Doctor called for me and explained that Rashmeet had to be operated upon and there was no way the baby would be alive.
I recollected that for 6 months we were very happy and preparing for the child.  Me and my wife would worship the Lord with the baby in the womb. Now the Doctor said otherwise. My heart was totally broken.  I  said "Lord, I had promised you even before this baby was conceived that  my child would serve you, yet..." . Another bad news followed. The Doctor told me that if the baby happened to survive, there was a 2% chance of the mother surviving. Even if they managed to restore her, they would have to remove her uterus which left her with no chance of conceiving again.
It was only 7 months since I was married and the Doctor told me that death could separate us.

The only thought in my mind was that my God was a God of Hope. However I again got dejected when I saw that a lady who came for delivery died while giving birth to her baby.

Rashmeet was operated upon and she gave birth to Jonathan Paul on 17th June. The Lord miraculously saved both the mother and the child. I want to thank all of you for upholding us in your prayers.  To God be all glory.

Jonathan was diagnoised with stage 2 blindness because of his premature birth. The Church and many believers around the world fervently prayed and in answer to that, we were greatly encouraged to know that his eyesight is drastically improving and the doctors have said that he could have normal eyesight. He is also rapidly gaining weight.

Please continue to pray for Honey, Rashmeet and Jonathan and their ministry in Chandigarh. 


Pray for us

God would give us a suitable property in Chandigarh to start the Bible Ashram.

We are exploring possibilities in Jaipur and are looking at properties. Pray for the work to begin in Jaipur for the state of Rajasthan.

Upcoming training of staff through the Excellence in Christian Leadership with Dr. Sunil Raheja and Grace Renewal with Rose Marie Miller and team.

For the completion of the translation and editing work in order to publish 8 Hindi books by November. These would be teaching and study tools for the students of the Word.

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