When the temperatures soar, make sure your level of preparedness rises too. Are you better prepared than last week? Last month? ShakeOut is just a couple of months away on October 15th! Increase the buzz on social media (use #ShakeOut), talk it up in the breakroom at work, share all the resources available, and start a conversation with your neighbor. We are stronger together, and by getting everyone involved, we can better survive and recover!
NorthEast ShakeOut Update:
210,000 people
registered so far!
*ShakeOut Tip: Store 1 gallon of water, per person, per day, for 2 weeks. And: learn how to beat the heat!
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Table of Contents
1. New Earthquake Safety Videos - Just Uploaded!
2. America's PrepareAthon! - All-Hazards Readiness
3. Key Resources to Improve Your Drill
4. ShakeOut Story: Kids Know It All...?
New Earthquake Safety Videos

ShakeOut coordinators are happy to announce a new collection of videos called the "Earthquake Safety Videos Series," produced by the Southern California Earthquake Center. The two videos published so far are below! Please watch and share with everyone you can - we're all in this together!
If You're Near a Sturdy Desk or Table
If There's NO Sturdy Desk or Table
America's PrepareAthon!
The past few updates have talked about earthquakes and related hazards, such as tsunamis, landslides, and liquefaction. Now, you can also join America's PrepareAthon! to get prepared for other natural hazards including flood, hurricane, wildfire, tornado, and winter storm. Your ShakeOut participation counts you as a participant in America's PrepareAthon!
In addition you can also register other preparedness activities held any day of the year, and for any hazard at ready.gov/prepare.
America's PrepareAthon! is an effort to increase community preparedness and resilience. There are 10 ways to participate like downloading alerts and warnings, holding a drill, or collecting critical documents. Year round, millions of Americans participate in America‚Äôs PrepareAthon! building the national momentum of preparedness. 
September 30 is National PrepareAthon! Day when the nation will come together to take action and practice their preparedness in advance of an emergency. Join others around the country to practice your preparedness! Get started at ready.gov/prepare
Improve Your Drill

Below are a few resources to help you conduct and promote the best drill possible! Develop a plan and have what you need for your ShakeOut:
- Learn how to participate (flyers for each category available), whether as an individual or organization.

- Download and share posters, graphics, drill broadcast recordings, drill manuals, and other materials, available on the Resources tab of the ShakeOut website.

- Get items from the ShakeOut Shop such as t-shirts, buttons, participation stickers, drill leader kits, and more.

- Put your event on our events calendar if your drill will be open to the public or the media. Or email us if you want a press release or media advisory posted too!
Seven Steps to Earthquake Safety
How ready are you? Consider following the Seven Steps to Earthquake Safety leading up until ShakeOut. You can take one step each week! Take the first step at earthquakecountry.org/step1.
Kids Know It All...?
Get inspired by this ShakeOut story below! You can submit and see stories, photos, and videos at your "Share the ShakeOut" page.
Thank you for your continued commitment to disaster preparedness!
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