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November 2015

I try very hard to keep my promise not to spam you. Sometimes, however, I err too far in the other direction, and I realize it's been a while since I've given you an update on NextPage. There are two quick things I want to let you know.

First, the development of NextPage 3 is well underway and on schedule. Currently I am putting together a set of shape tools that will allow us to easily draw straight lines, arrows, boxes, and ovals/circles on the music. It has been quite a challenge technically to get this working when the music is cropped and rotated. The audio player feature is working, as is rotating to portrait and zooming/cropping.  Also, we have a new icon and color:

Second, I've started a blog that you can follow to track the progress of NextPage 3's development. If you're interested in learning how a music app gets built, and how I use it myself, you can follow along here: NextPage Blog.

I promised to respect your time and be quick, so that's all for this update. Do follow along on the blog if you want the latest updates on NextPage 3's development and when it will be released. 

Warm regards,

//Scott Kantner
Fellow musician and designer of NextPage


Wear Your Shoes!

If you use a wireless page turner, be sure to rehearse with it wearing the shoes you are going to wear on performance day. The pedals will feel different depending on the thickness of your soles, and you want to be very familiar with how your shoes fit on the pedal, and how far you need to move your foot to press them.
White Out Those Distractions

Did you know you can create a bottle of "White Out" in NextPage? Create a new marker tool with a large width and set it's color to white. Voila! You can now blot out markings on the music that are distracting you.
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