It's time to elect a Governor who will "Let Arkansas Prosper!"
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February 6, 2014

Dear <<UseFName>>,

It is not my intent or desire to be unkind toward any other candidate in this email, but I do think it’s time for a frank and candid discussion about where we are in the governor’s race.
We’ve been taking some criticism for not raising more money - and it’s given the liberal members of the Central Arkansas media an excuse for trying to ignore the conservative candidate they don’t want.
We knew from the beginning that with my relatively low name ID, raising money would be an early struggle.  As I told a group recently, my biggest liability is that I’ve never been in office and never been in prison.  Someone suggested that I should run for governor of Illinois where I could do both at the same time!
When Ted Cruz ran for the U.S. Senate in Texas a couple of years ago, his opponent was the long-time well-known Lt. Governor of Texas, the establishment’s choice for the seat.
  • Cruz began the race with a 2% name ID in a 4% margin of error.
  • And he was outspent 5 to 1!
  • But he won!
…proving that message is more important than money, and hard work trumps name ID.
Republican John Cooper of Jonesboro was recently elected to the Arkansas State Senate.
  • He ran against a well-known Jonesboro businessman.
  • John began with virtually no name ID and was outspent by more than 3 to 1.
  • He’s now the first Republican in decades to represent Jonesboro in the Arkansas Senate.
…proving again that message is more important than money, and hard work trumps name ID.
And proving that if we execute our grassroots strategy, we will win!
We understood the name ID challenge from the beginning, so our goal was to build the largest grassroots campaign in the state.  And we’ve been blessed with not only the largest, but also most passionate and committed grassroots team of any campaign in the state – YOU!
We’ve successfully and effectively invested our resources in that objective.
Now here are the raw facts:
Asa’s campaign has outraised our campaign by more than 3 times.

Mike Ross’s campaign has outraised Asa’s campaign by more than 3 times.
So here's how this will play out:
  • If the difference is money, Mike Ross will be the next governor.
  • If the difference is message, we will win in May and again in November. 
Let me state this another important way:
  • If Asa is the Republican nominee, the difference will be money…and a Democrat will be the next governor.
  • If Coleman is the Republican nominee, the difference will be message…and a Republican will be the next governor.
Asa has a lot more money than we do at the moment.  But Asa is in a conundrum.  He’s trying to ignore the primary and save all of his cash for the general election.
He can’t begin to match our statewide team…for size, commitment, message or passion.  Nor will Mike Ross in the general.
Frankly, there will be very little choice for Arkansans if Asa is the nominee.
We’ve all three been on the platform together several times recently.  It concerns me that I see or hear very little difference between Asa and Ross.
Asa criticized Ross for his support of a ban on high-capacity gun magazine clips.  But Asa supports expanded background checks.
Asa criticized Ross for his committee vote for Obamcare, but he waffled on his position on the Arkansas expansion of Obamacare known as the "private option". And now he refuses to support defunding the "private option".
This is a not the time for timidity.  Arkansans are looking and listening for a clear, clarion sound of confident leadership.
We can provide it!
So what’s the bottom line here?
  1. We CAN win!
  2. The momentum is OURS!
  3. Team Coleman is STATEWIDE.
  4. If we lose the primary, a Democrat will be the next governor.
  5. We must NOW EXECUTE our strategy.
If you haven’t received the Team Coleman strategic plan, please take a moment right now to send an email to our Political Director, or call David at 501-680-3034.
Everything in that plan is very important and carefully synchronized to carrying us to victory on May 20.
But we must execute the plan….now.
And speaking of money…we don’t need nearly as much as Asa does to win, but we do need money!
Now we must depend on Team Coleman to help us raise the money needed for yard signs, door hangers, radio and TV spots, etc.
Next week’s money bomb is part of that strategy and, because of where we are in the campaign, may be the single most important fundraiser in this campaign.
This money bomb is to give you and your county team a tool to raise money in February.
The plan is for every member of Team Coleman to ask 10 friends to give $20 each (or 20 friends to give $10 each) online at during next week’s money bomb.
If YOU and every other member of Team Coleman does this simple thing next week, we will raise well over $80,000 in one week!  And I guarantee you that news will spread like wildfire.
Raising $80,000 next week is such a simple and easy thing to do if we all do our simple and easy part.
Don’t accept the lies of the enemies who are trying to tell you and Arkansas that we can’t win.  It is a lie!  We can!  And a lot of folks around Arkansas believe that we ARE winning!
If you feel like I’m telling you that the future of Arkansas is up to you….well, I guess I am telling you that.  It is.
Please let me know you read this email by clicking here.
And if you will help us set a money bomb record next week by finding 10 friends who will give $20 each next week (or 20 friends to give $10 each) online at - please let me know that too.
This isn’t about Curtis Coleman.  This is about Arkansas.  This is about nothing less than the future of freedom.
Thank you for standing with me now.
With my deeply-felt gratitude,


PS:  If they prefer, donors can mail a check to the address below.

Here's the "money bomb" the team has planned for next week...
Paid for by Coleman for Arkansas.