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2014 pattersons

Januflection 2015

In the second half of last year I was downright lax in my communications with you, faithful supporter.

I'm sorry.

Things seemed to get a little out of hand after we got back from home assignment. I for one had volunteered to teach English conversation at Narnia Elementary School since they were having trouble finding native English speakers. I guess I forgot how challenging it can be to teach junior high kids. Taking up that challenge forced me to put aside some very important parts of ministry--like getting my dissertation ready for submission to publishers and communicating with supporters. I'll try to do better this year starting with this januflection for 2014-15.


Looking Back

2014 was challenging, but there were some highlights. We started a small group. That's a small part of our activities but it's a big part of what's been bringing us joy in ministry. Max and Elisabeth have been growing up in ways that are hard to put into words but easy to see. For example, both of them are learning to control the internal dialog, as we like to say around here. We got to see some tangible fruit from that as Max finished second in a climbing competition and Elisabeth put on a great performance at her violin recital.

There were lots of other great things that happened this year. Narnia finally bought the property for the school (that was huge), I finished work on the translation committee for the Slovak Bible Society, our congregation baptized new believers from Narnia and other ministries, and John Lennox (professor emeritus from Oxford) came to speak at our university on the subject Has Science Buried God?

Looking Forward

We have some things to look forward to this year.

Elisabeth and Max are especially looking forward to visits from family (Grandma Terry, Aunt Cari and cousin Braxton will come in July) and special friends (the Duffs from OH visit in August). They also look forward to our mission's biannual conference in Slovenia this year.

Jana is plugging along with teaching English and musicals at Narnia where every year brings lots of changes and growth and that means new challenges.

For Todd the focus this year is on publishing. He's let too many things crowd this out for the last two years.

New on the Blog

I was lax at sending newsletters but did put new content on the blog. If you missed it, sign up to receive an email for new posts or subscribe via RSS. Here's a summary of what's new since our last update, many moons ago.
  1. We now have summer and fall galleries online and our winter gallery is a work in progress.
  2. We went through the accreditation process this year but we won't find out final results until late this spring.
  3. John Lennox gave a fantastic lecture to a packed house at our university in Banská Bystrica.
  4. You can watch videos of a great violin performance by Elisabeth and Max's awesome climb in the finals of the last tournament of 2014.
  5. Every year I think I'll do something different for our Christmas card but for me it's always nice to watch the musical review of our family's year. I enjoyed putting together a similar video dedicated to summer with our family.
  6. Late last year we received an email from someone that became a believer through the ministry of summer camps in Nitra. That was an encouragement.
  7. Our post on Hog Butchering and Small Groups is perhaps our most interesting post of the year.
  8. And finally, maybe you can give me some advice on how to better teach teenagers.
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