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As the coronavirus pandemic took hold, there were periods when it was hard to imagine a future that looked different than the present. 

In those times of crisis, the only certainty within our newsroom and among our reporters was that the pandemic would fundamentally change the way our island communities prioritize public health, debate the role of government, and address the fragilities and inequities that undermine our systems.

At Civil Beat we knew that we'd have to work harder and stretch our resources further than ever before to ensure readers like you remained well-informed during this unprecedented health crisis. 

We also knew that we would fail without more reader support.

So we asked for help, and were amazed and humbled by the overwhelming response. 

Donations buoyed our newsroom when we needed it the most. In turn, we ramped up the frequency of our reporting, quickly transitioning to a seven-day-a-week news operation. We pivoted our engagement from in-person to online, holding more frequent virtual events. And we continued to produce the in-depth, time consuming enterprise and investigative stories that you've come to associate with our nonprofit newsroom. 

Now, a year later, we're here to make a similar request. If you came to rely upon our coverage of the pandemic and other important issues, we are sincerely grateful and hope you'll consider becoming a supporter.

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By now, I hope you've gained a better sense of what Civil Beat is all about. 

We strive to make Hawaii a better place by exposing wrongdoing, adding depth and context to critical public health information, amplifying civic deliberation around important local issues and being a voice for those who feel they have none.

We've already heard from thousands of donors who valued our work and came to trust our fact-based, independent reporting. 

We still need to hear from you.

Please consider supporting Hawaii's nonprofit newsroom.

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prefer to send a check? Our mailing address is:
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