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Morrell Park 
Final Spring 

  • Join us for our year end exhibit in Morrell Park celebrating youth in our Elementary and Middle/High school programs.  

When: This Wednesday May 31st, 5-7pm
Stop Motion Video Screening and Awards Ceremony at 6pm
Where: 2446 Washington Blvd, Baltimore MD 21230


Photo above: Artwork by Morrell Park Elementary student created during a lesson on Pablo Picasso.   

        Youth Unite Anti-Bullying Mural

The past few months our middle school students in Morrell Park have been exploring an anti-bullying curriculum developed with by McKinley Wallace, MICA Community Arts Collaborative AmeriCorps member, and Sara Kaltwasser, MICA MFACA graduate student and Community Arts Collaborative AmeriCorps member.

Youth learned about the different types of bullying and the roles involved, as well as ways youth might interrupt the cycle of bullying. They created anti-bullying posters to articulate solutions and as calls to action.  Access Art middle school students then led a class about the Cycle of Bullying for Access Art elementary classes featuring Theatre of the Oppressed-inspired skits with the younger students. All of our classes then participated in a workshop by Maria Broom presenting her book The Village Bully and asking youth to share with each other something good and true in one another. 

The culmination of this project included the design of the Youth Unite anti-bullying mural. Middle school students staged photos using their own bodes and gestures that illustrated positive and proactive elements of the cycle of bullying.  Mr. Wallace then pulled their images, ideas, words, and design elements into an anti-bullying mural design that Access Art students have now painted on the central wall in the cafeteria of Morrell Park Elementary Middle School.




Access Art is a youth-focused community arts organization that inspires personal success by providing a safe space for hands-on learning in a variety of artistic media combined with civic engagement and leadership development.


Since Access Art’s founding in 2000, hundreds of youth have gained invaluable knowledge and creative skills via our arts-based programming aimed at giving participants not only tools like paintbrushes and cameras, but tools to help them in their journey towards success such as social skills, problem solving techniques, and a positive self-image. Each year youth build on the comprehensive art skills they learn, deepen the connection to their own creative process, enhance their ability to affect change in their communities, and finally gain skills to become teaching assistants, mentors and entrepreneurs. By participating in Access Art programs, our students are more likely to stay in school, be engaged and connected to their community, become college-bound leaders, and feel hopeful about their future.

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