JOIN THE ONLINE PARTY to honor Linda, the 2022 BoatUS / NWSA Leadership in Women’s Sailing Award recipient.

This She Sailor Sea Story episode — RUMB LINE will feature a new generation of women sailors, cut from the same single-handed-sailor cloth as Newland. Linda and her lifetime contributions to women’s sailing deserves a round of applause. Even though Linda is currently headed northward, cruising to Alaska, we hope she will have WiFi and enjoy her well deserved recognition.


A FEW OF THE WOMEN’S SAILING FOUNDATION BOARD MEMBERS and Leadership in Women’s Sailing honorees gathered at Gail Hine’s Sailing Seminar for Women in April. Gail (not shown) is a Leadership awardee and former WSF board member too. These women pitch in to make things happen for women’s sailiing.

The WSF board is seeking enthusiastic women like WSF founder Doris Colgate, emerita member Gail Hine, (shown left to right) advisory council member Nancy Erley, directors Linda Newland, Debbie Huntsman, Deborah Grimm, Barbara Morris and Naomi Emmerson. You may enjoy working on behalf of the nation’s women sailors too. Join them.


WSF/NWSA is currently seeking qualified volunteers for: Treasurer with profecency in Quickbooks (full job description); and Membership Director with a backgound in MemberPress and/or creation of pivot tables. Send c/v to

Volunteer to serve on committees or work groups. We love your help to achieve more for women’s sailing.

AdventureSail® Day is August 14. Some hosts, like Courageous Sailing Center (pictured during this year’s earlybird event in Boston) hosted their 24th AdventureSail events early in the season. Many others will host events on August 14. Others in year-round sailing locations may choose to host during the fall or even winter. Learn about AdventureSail and how you can participate or donate anytime.

We want to share your women’s sailing event announcements and news. Check our social media and see what others are doing. We strive to assist women’s sailing organizations to promote their local women’s sailing news and events. It’s our mission to cheerlead for women’s sailing around the nation. Submit photos and notices to with subject “Please share.”

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