NWSA’s International Safety at Sea fosters offshore equity

For the first time NWSA organized a US Sailing sanctioned International Safety at Sea program. It was a new and challenging undertaking, even with a small group. We plan to do it again, with more sailors, to add more women to the numbers learning as well as presenting the excellent offshore safety course.

Seventy five percent of the course participants were women, some brought their male sailing partners. Of the five instructors, four were women — 80%!


The honor goes to …

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The Leadership in Women’ s Sailing Award, co-sponsored by NWSA and BoatUS®, the nation’s largest organization of recreational boaters, was instituted in 1990. The resulting list of honorees have collectively fostered inclusion through education, innovation and opportunity to improve equity in sailing. The award is granted annually to honor individuals who have a long record of achievement in inspiring, educating and enriching the lives of women through sailing.





Check your flares this month. Assure they are not expired. While you are at it, add a leather glove to your stash. A SOLAS flare (as shown) does not drop molten slag as it burns, but it is super hot. Designed to show location and allow homing with one-minute burn and 15,000 candela, did I say it is hot?
If you find yourself holding any flare, you will be glad to have a glove protecting you. It will make it more likely you will be willing to hold the flare for it’s entire burn.

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