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Newport-Bermuda Female Crew

Eight 16- to 19-year-old women from the Lincoln School in Providence, RI will be the youngest all female team ever to compete in the 116-year history of the 635-mile Newport-Bermuda race.

Keep an eye on these up and coming team members: Gigi Fischer, Olivia Vincent, Milla Clarke, Elizabeth Gardner, Callie Dawson, Phoebe Lee, Sophia Comiskey and Sarah Wilme.

An Open Door to New Opportunity

Congratulations to Stephanie Roney, Sue Corl Youth Sailing Scholarship recipient, an 15 year-old student from San Pedro High School. She was introduced to sailing during the summer of 2019 at Los Angeles Community Sailing Clinics (LACS). In her application letter she expressed her love of the water and an appreciation of the beauty of sail. Her letter of recommendation from LACS expressed the hope a bit of training would open opportunities to Stephanie, such as participating in a local sailing team. “This would be a wonderful outcome for Stephanie and the yachting community.”

Upon receiving the scholarship, Stephanie wrote, “With great pleasure and gratitude, I accept this award. I will do my best to exemplify the honored values of women in sailing. Not only will I not disappoint you, but I will make every effort to exceed your expectations.”

As the Sue Corl Youth recipient, Stephanie plans to further her sailing experiences at the Cabrillo Beach Youth Sailing Foundation this summer. The Foundation offers all youngsters in the community the experience of sailing, develops skills and confidence hand-in-hand with good seamanship and the Corinthian yachting tradition of equality, fairness, determination and gracious competition.

About the Sue Corl Scholarship

The Women’s Sailing Foundation offers the Sue Corl Youth Sailing Scholarship for an enhanced sailing experience or program for a teenaged girl. This special scholarship is offered to girls between the ages of 14 and 19 with a financial need to broaden her sailing experience. The opportunities to which the scholarship may be applied include, but are not limited to, enrollment in: an advanced sailing program, a racing program, a tall ship or live-aboard experience or a marine or maritime-related program. Donate today to help WSF support this program.

Last Call for International Safety at Sea

NWSA's US Sailing International Safety at Sea

The International Safety at Sea is a program presented in cooperation with US Sailing / World Sailing which meets standards for International Safety at Sea certification. Content and hands-on skills learned are invaluable for any sailor. The curriculum includes the sessions below. Additionally, attendees must complete the comprehensive 15-unit online portion of the course required prior to attendance on May 21. You still have two weeks to get it done! Check the International Safety at Sea schedule/details and register NOW! Registration closes Monday!

Women skippers, crew members and couples are welcome.

• Damage Control and Emergency Repairs
• Search and Rescue
• Life Raft and In-water Survival
• Lifejackets and Personal Safety Gear
• Crew Overboard
• Effective Rescue Signaling
• Fire Safety and Extinguishing
• What's New
• Lessons Learned and Problem Solving

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