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Sharing Sailing in Houston

Join NWSA at the Houston Yacht Club May 20-21. Meet future shipmates.
Connect with old friends. Create new opportunities for your seafaring goals!

Visit our conference website, click the Schedule tab and filter to explore NWSA’s three tracks designed for: Beginners, Intermediate sailors and International Safety at Sea. Register today for the best selections and to assure your spot.

Track for new sailors

Click for Beginner Track. See details about options below and build yourself a great introduction to the joy and fun of sailing.

• Knots for Sailing: They’re “Knot” that Hard
• Welcome Aboard
• On-the-Water Intro to Sailing
• Sail Trim Basics
• Crew, Gear and Boat Safety Tips
• All Aboard! Crew Positions
• Lifesling Basics
• Maiden Voyage of a Lifetime: 0 to 60 in 10 Months
• Reading a Navigation Chart

Track for intermediate sailors

Click for the Intermediate Track. See more on selections below designed to increase your skills and sailing knowledge.

• On-the-water Sail Trim
• Winch Workshop
• On-the-water Intermediate Level Sailing
• Reading a Navigation Chart
• Maiden Voyage of a Lifetime: 0 to 60 in 10 Months
• Rigging and Hoisting Sails
• Helming and Docking
• Lifesling Basics

International Safety at Sea track

NWSA's US Sailing International Safety at Sea

The International Safety at Sea is a program presented in cooperation with US Sailing / ISAF which meets standards for International Safety at Sea certification. And the content and hands-on skills learned are invaluble for any sailor. The curriculum includes the sesssons below. Additionally, attendees must complete comprehensive 15-unit online portion of the course required prior to attendance on May 21. Check the International Safety at Sea schedule details and REGISTER NOW! Co-ed, skippers, couples and crewmembers are welcome.

• Damage Control and Emergency Repairs
• Search and Rescue
• Life Raft and In-Water Survival
• Lifejackets and Personal Safety Gear
• Crew Overboard
• Effective Rescue Signaling
• Fire Safety and Extinguishing
• What's New
• Lessons Learned and Problem Solving

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