AdevntureSail® Superb Summer

AdventureSail programming served many happy girls so far this year. Racine Yacht Club and Boston’s Courageous Sailing Center, both long-standing program hosts, kicked off the Great Lakes and East Coast, hosting 41 girls.

Later, in locations around the nation — in the first two weeks of August alone 100 girls attended AdventureSail programs.

Mattituck Yacht Club, NY held their second annual AdventureSail. Girls visited Oakcliff Sailing Center. Chatted with Dawn Riley. Climbed aboard Maiden! And had a small boat sailing experience too. Wow!

Watch the She Sailor Sea Story episode featuring Mattituck’s program and their accomplishments.

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NWSA has been busy crafting your 2023 National Women’s Sailing Conference in Newport, Rhode Island. We are excited about returning to the Atlantic seaboard, to a town seeped in nautical tradition and history for the 2023 conference. Long before Newport became a travel destination, it was one of the busiest seaports in the colonial era. It boasts a deep and protected harbor. As a seaport, Newport was bustling with more ship traffic than either New York or Boston. It was the capital of the state and the fifth largest city in the Colonies.

Today Newport has one of the oldest working waterfronts in the US. The waterfront has been attracting sailors for more than 375 years. For over 200 of those years, it has looked quite the same — a sailing Mecca.

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