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The Internet Governance Forum (IGF) brings people together from all stakeholder groups as equals, in discussions on issues relating to the Internet. The IGF is inclusive and anyone can participate.

The Internet Governance Forum Support Association (IGFSA) is set up to support the United Nations Internet Governance Forum (IGF). The goal of the IGFSA is to provide stable and sustainable support for the IGF Secretariat and to fund related activities. The IGFSA was launched on 1 September 2014 at the ninth IGF meeting in Istanbul, Turkey. To-date, the IGFSA has contributed USD 290,000 to the UN IGF Trust Fund, and contributed a total of USD 497,000 to 145 National IGFs, and 47 Regional IGFs since 2014.
the IGFSA has contributed USD 290,000 to the UN IGF Trust Fund, and contributed a total of USD 497,000 to 145 National IGFs, and 47 Regional IGFs since 2014
IGFSA Executive Committee Member Spotlight Tribute - Makane FAYE

IGFSA Executive Committee Spotlight and Tribute

Makane FAYE

Makane FAYE was born in 1954 in Rufisque, a city in the Dakar region of western Senegal.

He was a class of 1974 at Lycée Abdoulaye Sadji High School in Rufisque. He held a bachelor's degree in documentation science, a master's degree in information management and a doctorate in information technology at the Open University Malaysia - OUM Sarawak.

He was the Chief Information Officer (CIO) at African Regional Organization for Standardization - ARSO, Nairobi, Kenya  between April 1984 - May 1990.

Makane joined United Nations Economic Commission for Africa, (UNECA)Addis-Ababa, Ethiopia in 1990 as the Chief Knowledge Officer. He retired in 2016 after spending 26years leading the ICT for Knowledge Development and Management program. While in UNECA,  Makane was the President of the United Nations Federation of Staff Associations and Unions (FUNSA ).

IGFSA Executive Committee Member Spotlight - Makane FAYE Tribute
In 2011 during the Internet Governance Forum (IGF) in Nairobi, Kenya, Makane led the launch of the African Internet Governance Forum, of which he was the secretary. He became the Chairman of the West African IGF (WAIGF) Planning Committee in 2016. He was also a Faculty member of the African School on Internet Governance (AfriSIG).

Following his retirement from UNECA in 2016, Makane was elected President of the Association of Former United Nations Staff Residing in Senegal and in his spare time, an ICT consultant for Internet development and governance.

In 2020, Makane was elected a member of the Internet Governance Support Association (IGFSA) Executive Committee.

Within the short period Makane joined the IGFSA, he displayed passion and unwavering commitment to the proliferation of the National and Regional IGFs and the sustenance of the ideals of the Internet Governance Forum as a veritable mechanism for inclusive engagement, cooperation and collaboration among all stakeholders in their respective roles in a multi-stakeholder dialogue on addressing various policy issues pertaining to the Internet.

Makane Faye died in a road traffic accident in Senegal on Friday, 26 March 2021, while he was travelling to Dakar from the holy city of Touba.

May his gentle soul rest in peace.

IGFSA NRI Spotlight - with Mary Uduma
Hear how IGFSA has helped West African IGF with their initiative, bringing over 45 participants to-date to their meetings.  Their hot topic is on meaningful inclusion and access.

"The NRIs are playing a great role which shows that the legitimacy of the IGF is most accepted at the local level" - Mary Uduma, Coordinator of the West African IGF
IGFSA Donors Spotlight - with Christopher Mondini
ICANN's Christopher Mondini gives us his take on IGFs, NRIs, Internet Governance and current issues surrounding them. 

"Supporting the IGFSA, and in turn supporting the NRIs supported by them, helps ICANN to ensure the remaining billions waiting to be connected get the very best benefit of the Internet and the very best outcomes of the work that we do all together." - Chris Mondini, VP Stakeholder Engagment & Managing Director, Europe, ICANN.
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Here's what IGFSA has been active with in and around the NRI and Internet Governance community!
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