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Abtrac Housekeeping
  • Important things you need to know if you’re using Windows8 or Windows XP.
  • And a reminder about backing up Abtrac, what to do before your server fails.

Backing Up Abtrac
We’ve had a few calls in the past month from Abtrac users who have had technical issues with their server or PC. These ranged from minor hardware or network glitches through to full-on server meltdowns. So we thought we’d send out a reminder on how to keep your data safe.

There are complete details on backing up Abtrac in this article in the knowledgebase.
Abtrac has two items that will need to be backed up daily to keep your Abtrac data safe:
• AbtracShared Folder
• Your Abtrac datafile
You are responsible for maintaining, saving and restoring your company data.
Although we occasionally take copies for development or support, we do not maintain nor store contemporary copies of your data on our premises.

The quickest way to recover from any IT issue is to be well prepared before it happens; the tips below are relevant for your entire office systems - not just Abtrac.
  • Check your data is secure and is being regularly backed up, ensure back up copies are stored off-site.
  • Double check every so often that your back ups are intact and are able to be restored. (To do this create a dummy file, back it up, then delete it from your server and see if you can restore it)
  • Monitor your hard drives, particularly those in your servers. Most servers now have mirror drives, which means often one will fail without affecting performance. But when the last hard drive fails it can be too late to recover your data…
If you’re not sure about back ups in your office your IT Consultant should be able to help.

Windows XP - Microsoft support ends soon If you are currently using a Windows XP machine please take note that Microsoft’s end of extended support is set for April 8th, 2014. Please Note this also applies to Office2003.
Read the details from Microsoft here.
End of support refers to the date when Microsoft no longer provides automatic fixes, updates, or online technical assistance. If your computer is set to automatic Windows updates then you should already have the latest (and last) version installed with Service Pack 3. If not then this is the time to make sure you have the latest available service pack installed. If you are not sure about the status of your operating system then check with your IT consultant.

Windows 8 - update to the latest Abtrac installer
If you are installing Abtrac on a Windows 8 machine you will need the very latest Abtrac Install Kit -‘Abtrac Installation Manager’.
Please Note that this also applies to Office2013.

We noticed in our trials that Windows 8 has higher permissions and rights restrictions than older Microsoft operating systems. The ‘Abtrac Installation Manager’ replaces “Abtrac Install Step1″ and “Abtrac Install Step2″ files, and works more elegantly with the Windows 8 permissions requirements.

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