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Move a project from one client to another is quick and simple with Abtrac.
A project (or job) transfer is usually required when there is more than one project and/or client involved.
It is quite a different process from simply renaming the client that a project is associated with.

Moving a project is not reversible and it can be complex…
Each project has a number of entries associated with it.
In any 'Job box' you will have timesheet lines, disbursements, and invoices that may also need to be moved.

In the two most common scenarios where a project needs to be transferred you can pick up the entire box and move it, or leave the old box behind and only move the items you need.

Instructions on how to move a project are shown after the two examples given, or click here for the pdf version:

Picking up the entire box and moving.
 Project B was assigned incorrectly to Client One, instead it should have been assigned to Client Two.
We need to pick up everything relating to this project from Client One and move it all to Client Two.

Leaving the old stuff behind.
 Client One has a large number of small consulting projects. Often when a project progresses past the consulting stage, we ‘take over’ the project. Client One is no longer involved and we invoice Project A to Client Two directly. But we want to leave behind the invoices we charged Client One. These are still related to this project, but from now on we will only work with Client Two. We will leave the old project behind and make it non current, and then use the same project number for Client Two.

That’s the theory, now here’s how you make the change in Abtrac.
Before Transferring your Project
1.      Note the name of the client and the project number you want to move.
2.      Make sure you have a client set up to move the project to
– this means in the second example above, you may need to create the new client in advance.

Transferring a Project
3.     From System Management > Choose Transfer Project/Job
4.     Select the Client and Project you wish to transfer on the left.
Then choose the Client the Project is to be transferred to on the right.
Details of the project you are about to transfer will be displayed in a summary below the transfer options
5.     Select the blue Transfer option to start moving the project from one client to another.
6.     You will be presented with a number of choices,
and you will be required to check or uncheck each box depending on your situation*:
*If you have generated statements for the project you wish to transfer, you will not be able to ‘move the whole box’
Any invoices on statements will need to be left behind (see step 8 below)
7.     You will receive a summary of your transfer choices, and you will be asked to confirm the transfer.
After Transferring a Project
If the project has related invoices that are not transferred then there will be two projects in the system with the same number. A ‘dummy project’ will be left behind and appended with the text – “transferred to <Client System Code>”. Any project left behind will usually need to be made non current, to ensure time and cost is only assigned to the project assigned to the new client.

8.1.   Search for the recently transferred project number.
In this example a search for Project number 502-003 shows two projects with that number current in the system.
Select the project that belongs to the old client (502-003 – transferred to 503) and choose OK to go directly to that record.
8.2.   From the project details screen, uncheck the box to make the project non current.
No further timelines can then be assigned to this project number.

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