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  Managing Employee Leave

When you set up Abtrac we recommend you create a non-billable client for your own company.
For this client enter all the administrative and leave jobs that your staff may use, and any projects that you’d like to track time against.

An example jobs list might look something like this:
Browse Project Listing
Why use projects for leave rather than activities?
Reports! Most reports in Abtrac are run by Client or Job, and then by other options. So it’s more likely you can run the type of leave report you need if you track leave as a project.
Some of our favourite reports for leave are:
  • Hours Worked – by Employee, Client and Job
  • Hours Worked – by Date, Employee, Client and Job
  • Timesheet Entries (choose to group by Employee)
You can use these reports to transfer leave details to your payroll system, and cross check leave allowances.
You can also Manage your Annual Leave accruals and deductions from Abtrac

From System Management > Administrator > Employees > the Annual Leave option allows administrators to track simple annual leave balances.
Choose Employee Details then Annual Leave
From the Annual Leave Maintenance screen an administrator can: Process monthly leave accruals for all staff, View(and process) accruals by individual employees,and Print Leave Summary details

Annual Leave Maintenance

In most offices the monthly accrual allowance of staff leave will be the same for all full time staff.
In which case the Process Accruals in a Tabular List option is used to bulk enter leave accruals.

Enter bulk annual leave accruals

You can also View and Maintain leave by Employee
This screen is used to process annual leave deductions, and one off accruals.
Leave and Leave taken - by employee
From here you can produce a statement of leave for the selected employee, by previewing the details.
Selected Employee Leave reports

There is also an option from the annual leave maintenance screen to view preview a summary for all employees.
All staff leave liabilities

  If you'd like some advice on tracking annual leave in Abtrac then give our support team a call at 0800 422 8722,
we'd be happy to help

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