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Customise your timesheet settings in Abtrac

Everyone looks at things slightly differently
We understand a chore like timesheet entry can be a little easier if Abtrac thinks like you do. So here are two timesheet tricks you can use to help have things just right.
  • Timesheet View options - Linear or Tabular time
  • Timesheet Control Settings

Each Abtrac user can choose whether to enter time in linear or tabular view.
Right click within your timesheet to access the Time and Cost shortcut menu
and select "Toggle View' to change your settings between linear and tabular view.

Linear Timesheet

Tabular Timesheet
Choose linear view if you use the start/stop timer function. Or if you work on a number of small tasks throughout the day that require detailed comments.

Tabular time shows less comment detail, but is useful for entering blocks of time against a small number of projects.

Only view the fields you need
Timesheet settings for the entire office can be managed through :
System Management > Administrator > Timesheet Control Settings.
You can choose which fields to display, in which order, and how much space to allocate them.

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