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Part Three: Periodic (Monthly) Invoicing

In the past we’ve talked about invoice line styling and generating Abtrac invoices based on templates. You can view historical tips here on our website.
This months’ topic details one specialised style of invoice that you can generate automatically in Abtrac :
Periodic Invoices. Periodic Invoices are often useful for professionals who invoice a regular, fixed amount monthly. The process is similar to the ‘generate based on’ invoice feature, but periodic invoicing allows you to generate many invoices at once.

To create a periodic invoice

From the invoicing screen choose Generate Invoice > then select the Periodic Invoice option.
Generate Periodic Invoices
Periodic Invoices are created for a group of clients.
Double click in the chosen batch field to create a new periodic invoicing batch, or select an existing batch from the drop down list.
 Choose or Create a Periodic Batch
Details of all the clients and invoices in a batch are displayed in a summary screen. The image below shows we have 5 clients whom we invoice regularly. To add another invoice to the list we can select it from the Invoice Number box and choose Add this invoice. You can also optionally exclude invoices from a monthly batch by deselecting the ‘Include in batch’ option.
Periodic Invoicing
To generate invoices for all those selected in the periodic batch
•Enter the date you wish to use as the invoice date for all invoices
•Select which invoices you wish to generate
•Click the Process button

Abtrac will create an exact copy of each of the invoice numbers in this batch, the process generates invoices with the same line amounts and descriptions, amending only the invoice dates.
Once the invoices are generated  you’ll receive a confirmation message confirming the batch has been processed

Completed Periodic Invoice batch
Please note that no unbilled time is assigned to periodic invoices, so you will still need to assign time and cost by opening and reviewing each invoice in the current batch from the invoice management screen.

Tips for Periodic Invoices:

•Periodic invoices are based on a previous invoice in Abtrac. It’s best if the invoice you are using as a template is generic and doesn’t have any project specific dates or details.

•Most Abtrac users who create periodic invoices also send an additional report with their invoices, detailing the fee breakdown. If you are interested in using Periodic invoices then call us to talk about customising an Invoice Supplement report.
Periodic Invoice and Example Supplement
Or Alternately you may find the Assigned Time reports in Abtrac useful, you can view assigned time on invoices from the Load Invoice screen.
Assigned time on invoices

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