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WIP : Work in Progress

Learn about the WIP Assigned date rule in Abtrac,
and how it applies to WIP reports.

In Abtrac timesheet and disbursement entries are defined as ‘Work In Progress’ until they are assigned to an invoice.

Once each timesheet or disbursement line is assigned to an invoice it has a WIP Assigned Date applied to it. This WIP Assigned date is the check in the database that determines when work changes from In Progress to Assigned.

If a timesheet or disbursement line has a WIP assigned date it will no longer appear in unbilled work and pre-invoicing reports.

Reports in Abtrac that only show WIP will have the ‘Date From’ field in report filters unavailable.  This is because any Billable WIP Only reports show ALL the unbilled time up to the date selected. You cannot exclude timesheet entries prior to this date.
Abtrac Reports with Billable WIP Only

The rules in Abtrac for the date assigned to time and cost on an invoice are as follows:

1. WIP Assigned = Invoice Date.
If the time is assigned within 10 days of the invoice date, then Abtrac applies the WIP Assigned as equal to the invoice date.

(i.e if you create an invoice Jan 31st, but don’t assign the time until Feb 7th, the Work will be recorded as assigned on Jan 31st and will not show up in WIP reports after the 31st January)

2. WIP Assigned = Date Assigned.
If the time is assigned in excess of 10 days from the invoice date, then Abtrac applies the WIP Assigned date as the date it was assigned. This date is taken from the system date on the computer where the time is assigned.

(i.e if you create an invoice Jan 31st, but don’t assign the time until February 28th, then Abtrac will apply the WIP Assigned date as February 28th. This work will still show in reports as unbilled from Jan 31st to Feb 28th)

We do get quite a few support calls relating to WIP, here are some of the most frequently asked questions...

What if I’m assigning time to an invoice and it’s after 10 days from the invoice date -But I really need the WIP Assigned date to equal the invoice date?
Sometimes you might just forget to assign the time whilst invoicing, in other situations small amounts of time that have been held back to invoice later are written off eventually by assigning it to a historic invoice.

If you are in excess of 10 days, but need the WIP date to equal the invoice you can trick the system by resetting the date on your computer before assigning the time. But don’t forget to reset the date when you are finished!

I have time that has been billed but it’s still showing on unbilled time and pre-invoicing reports, why?
The WIP Assigned rule will have been applied.

Sometimes the date on your computer may be incorrect (American dates formats can occasionally cause problems e.g Feb 7th becomes 02/07/12).

Sometimes the invoice date may have been entered incorrectly-and changed after the WIP was assigned.

To check the WIP Assigned date on time and cost lines, go to System Management > Administrator > Bulk Edit Timesheets and review the WIP assigned date.

Why have a 10 day rule, why can’t I choose and change the WIP date myself?
The 10 day rule was set as being the upper time limit taken to complete an invoice. After 10 days it is more likely that time not assigned has been ‘held back’ for a legitimate reason.

The WIP Assigned date determines the data filters for a large number of reports and is often linked to committed tax invoices. It’s a sensitive area…if the WIP Assigned date was user editable then the authenticity of reports from month to month could be questioned.

If you have made a genuine mistake you can change the WIP Assigned value stored in the database. Once time has been assigned the only way to edit the WIP Assigned date is to go to the original invoice and un-assign and then re-assign time.

Speaking of work in progress…
  This is the first Abtrac Tips & Tricks email for 2012. We took a sabbatical from tips newsletters for the first 6 months of the year; and we do appreciate all of you who have called or emailed missing us and asking for their monthly Abtrac fix(!)
Tips and Tricks emails will resume as usual from now on.

So what have we been doing?
  • We’ve attended Microsoft development and Web development courses (and passed with flying colours of course!).
  • We’ve been working with our three main debtor upload routines (MYOB, QuickBooks and Xero) as their technology changes.
  • We’re creating a new online knowledge base as a companion to the manual
  • And we have two new development and support staff members. Nimesh and Sindhoor have joined our Auckland office working alongside Jos and Will.
All this has been largely foundation work as we move towards developing the next cloud based version of Abtrac.

This new version will be an online application, running across multiple operating systems and will be accessible on your smartphone, tablet, desktop, laptop and from home.  Upgrading to what will be Abtrac Version 6 is free for all users who pay monthly support and license fees. Whether you choose to upgrade to the new technology immediately is up to you. We will still continue to support Version 5 for a few year after the release of Version 6. Later on this year and into 2013 we’ll have a few specific announcements as the project progresses. We’ll also be bringing back our online surveys to get your contributions and feedback on ideas for this new version of Abtrac.


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