Have you opened your Abtrac toolbox lately? Here's some favourite from the support team

Here are this month's three favourite tools
from the Abtrac support team

* Search Contacts
* Bulk Edit Timesheets
* Unbilled Work QuickSummary

Search Contacts

Abtrac : Search Contacts

Bulk Edit Timesheets

Abtrac : Bulk Edit Timesheets

Unbilled Work Quick Summary

Abtrac : Unbilled Work Quick Summary

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Clients Jobs and Contacts : Find vs Search

“You know those guy’s from Newtown? We did that work for them a couple of years ago? Whatshisname told me they might be looking for some more work…I was sure we entered them in Abtrac?”
But I can’t find them!!!”

Find contact is great – if you know the contacts name, system code or project number.

But if you’re a little shaky on the details... the Search option in Clients, Jobs and Contacts is really handy.
You can enter a partial word/number in any field and show all contacts that match.
In the example to the right we've entered 'new' for Newtown in the Description/Site field and found three results, including the client we were looking for!

Administration : Bulk Edit Timesheets

System Management > Administration > Bulk Edit Timesheets is a powerful tool.

This screen is useful when you need to update timesheet details in bulk. Perhaps an employee has entered time for the month against an incorrect project code. Or as a project progresses the decision is made to split an existing stage into two.

Choose the timesheet fields you wish to analyse, and what order they are displayed.
Filter by the usual suspects… ‘date, project, employee’ and their sort order. Updates to all timesheet entries can then be made by an administrator in this screen en masse rather than through time and cost module.

Invoicing : Unbilled Work Quick Summary

From the Reports button in Invoice Management, the Unbilled Work Quick Summary is always our first stop pre-billing.

In one screen you can
  -  view all unbilled work to the current date
  -  assign work unbilled to the clients last invoice
  -  create a zero value invoice in order to write off time
  -  run more detailed billing reports for all or specific clients

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