Managing Time in Lieu

Some businesses using Abtrac run a time off in lieu scheme. In certain instances additional hours worked by an employee are deemed to be reasonable, and the employee is given time off in lieu of being paid overtime. At other times extra hours worked could be viewed less favourably, for example if the employee had to work late as a result of making errors in their work.
Any business that runs a time off in lieu system in Abtrac should also commit employee timesheets weekly.

To manage time off in lieu :

Example One
  • An employee enters time for a job as per usual, and then makes a second/double entry recording the same timesheet comments, with a zero value against a special job code – Time in Lieu. This Time in Lieu code is created the same as the other non-chargeable administration codes in your system. For details on how to correctly enter administration jobs see this article in our knowledgebase. The zero value time entry is where the employee has basically put a note on their timesheet saying that they want/expect time off on lieu for this extra time worked on the particular day.
In this example Clark had to work additional time on a Saturday in order to meet a client onsite.
Hours worked, before time in lieu is granted
Time in Lieu entry, prior to approval

  • When the employee timesheet is completed a senior staff member will review whether any time in lieu is to be granted. If it is approved then this administrator will enter the equivalent negative value of hours to this time in lieu timesheet line. The timesheet would then be committed. N.B. The time in lieu going 'into the bank' in this way is entered as a negative.
Hours worked after time in lieu is granted
Time in Lieu entry, converted to negative units

Example Two
  • In another example an employee may not be working additional hours for any one specific job. It could be that in a certain week or month a larger than usual number of required timesheet hours is worked. The employee may then ask for recognition of this work by asking for some time off in lieu. In a case as this the employee may not even add a timesheet line for the special job code themselves, it might simply be granted/entered by an administrator when they review the timesheet.
In this example Clark has worked much longer hours than usual for the month of April. His employment contract  states than any time over and above 45 hours per week can be claimed as time off in lieu. By this agreement Clark is entitled to 5.6 hours as time off in lieu for extra hours worked between the period of 30/03 - 26/04.At the end of the month when timesheets are committed an administrator creates an additional timesheet line granting these 5.6 hours as time off in lieu.
Hours worked over and above the weekly required units
Hours worked over and above a weekly maximum

How negative entries against a time off in lieu job code work

By entering a negative amount with an appropriate timesheet line comment a number of hours in credit is created for the employee against a time in lieu job code. No time for the existing job(s) where time was incurred is edited.

The employee ends up with “time in the bank”, against which they can enter their overtime taken (time off in lieu). As they take time off in lieu, they make a normal (positive hours) time entry against that code, and the administrator can see the effect and the balance of the account at any time.

These time in lieu balances can be monitored monthly by running the “Hours Worked - by Employee, Client and Job” report or “Timesheet Entries” report with the specific Time in Lieu Job and Employee selected.

In the following examples Clark has -8.00 hours available to take as leave.
Hours worked will show the account balance for each employee as of a certain date.
 Hours Work - an account balance between two dates

Timesheet Entries will show the account balance, and all individual transactions of leave taken and leave accrued as of a certain date.
Timesheet Entries, transactions between two dates

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