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Eat Think Vote Community Event

Eat Think Vote

Friday, October 18th

If you could talk to the next federal government about food in your community, what would you say?

Eat Think Vote is a campaign that gathers community members across Canada to speak with federal candidates ahead of the upcoming election. Join the conversation with the Toronto Youth Food Policy Council and FSC Youth Caucus to discuss the food issues that matter to individuals in Canada. Refreshments will be provided. 

Council Highlights
A new council year!
We would like to welcome our new council for 2019/20! This year's council is full of passionate, driven and empowering individuals. Stay tuned - we have exciting projects and events planned!
Jobs and Volunteer Opportunities
Quality Assurance Specialist
Food Production Assistant Manager
Assistant Grower (Vertical Farm) 
Community Events and News
Toronto Food Film Festival
The Toronto Food Film Festival will be taking place October 4-5th. Screen mouth-watering and thought-provoking independent films about food. Curated snacks and tasting menus will accomany films. Reserve your seat today.
Eat Think Vote 
Eat Think Vote events are happening all across Toronto and Canada. Find an event near you! 
Hungry for change
Canadians are ready for food security to be a high priority in the federal election campaign. The Angus Reid Global survey found that 60% of respondents ranked food security and affordability as top issues in agri-food. Read more here.
Food talks at the UN Climate Action Summit
"The food system that we have built for the last century is a dead end for the future.” Read more here. 
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